05 July 2015

Review: Elisha Coy Always Nuddy CC Cream & Vivid Party Magic Lipstick from Natta Cosme

Name: Elisha Coy Always Nuddy CC Cream
Price: RM129.00

Skin whitening
Wrinkle Improvements
UVA/B protection [ SPC30/PA++ ]
High Functional Multicream
Skin Tone Correction
Deep Hydration Skin Treatment

Availability: Natta Cosme

Good Morning peeps!
So what plans do you have for a Sunday today? Well if you have nothing much to do, why not you check out Natta Cosme new and improved website layout. They have great deals to offer.
Anyways, speaking of Natta Cosme, I would like to share with you one of the product I received from Natta Cosme that I have used almost everyday for the past month. 
Let me introduce to you one of Korea's famous brand, Elisha Coy. I received their Alway Nuddy CC Cream and their Vivid Party Magic Lipstick to try out.

So first lets talk about the packaging. I love it, the gold really makes the packaging stand out and it looks worthy for the price. Cause RM100++ for a CC Cream is quite pricey honestly, even I would think twice before making a purchase.

But after swatched out, it kinda changed my mind about the price. Looking closely I could see the tiny capsules that then when rubbed will change into my skin colour really nicely.

And it makes my skin look brighter naturally. Even in the above photo you would not see a drastic change this CC Cream makes. It looks like I toned up naturally which is something that I look for in an everyday product.

Besides the CC Cream, I also received Elisha Coy famous magic lipstick in green apple. At first I thought the lipstick would be green, but no. Its a magic lipstick which will change red to your blood colour. I find this lipstick very tinted actually, its hard to rub of and it sticks really well. And the effects makes my lips naturally red like that is my natural lip colour. I have dark lips and I will always have to cover with lipstick. But there are some days I wished that I wouldn't look like I'm wearing lipstick, and this lipstick made it come true.

I know, my photo looks really casual right? Well, this is what I'm trying to highlight here. Maybe some of you would love a full application for an everyday look, but for me I love looking simple and acceptable for my everyday look. I found that Elisha Coy's CC Cream is doing a great job for me since its complete with SPF, Whitening, Hydration and Skin Tone Correction. I have all the goodness in one product so this is my first choice for my daily makeup routine. I even left my day cream because of this product.
The cream is not oily and and it blends really well with skin. Sometimes I might pat on some powder cause I'm used to a matte look. But even without powder, this cream could still pull of your day. But I'm not sure how well it goes with a full application of makeup.

Getting ready in the morning, especially for class is super easy now. I only have to apply the CC Cream and the magic lipstick and my daily look is done. So I won't be looking like a sick person all day round on a busy day because I just don't have time to put on my makeup.
I really love how the CC Cream looks on my skin, it makes it look so natural like I don't have much flaws. And the lipstick is just amazing, who could tell that I'm wearing lipstick. It looks like my natural lip colour. But still of you want a but of a colour, you could apply another lipstick and top it with the magic lipstick and the effects are stunning. And it works as a tint too cause this lipstick could last the whole day without fading after eating or drinking.
So I have found my perfect match for a daily makeup routine, it saves a lot of my time. Even though the CC Cream is quite pricey but I am really impressed with the effects. Plus it managed to protect my skin even when I left out my day cream. 

Since I'm using this everyday I think this 3+2 Promotion from Natta Cosme is really worth it
Hope the promotion last long enough

And yeah before I forget, Natta Cosme have something also for you

So happy shopping peeps
Till then!


  1. not bad magic lipstick tu ek... cantik

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. The cream makes your face look amazing! I love that it lightens naturally.

    I was a little skeptical about the lipstick when I saw the color in the tube. I love how it looks when it's on.

    1. I know, the CC Cream is just perfection.
      I was kinda sad that the colour wasn't green though for the lipstick. LOL


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