06 July 2015

Review: Babeskin Skincare Malaysia, The Secret to Ageless Skin

This product was sent to me for review purposes

Name: Babeskin Double Serum Premium
Price: RM119.00(WM) RM129.00(EM) 15ml
Usage Purpose: Repairing Booster

Name: Babeskin Whitening Soap Premium
Price: RM29.00(WM) RM39.00(EM) 50g
Usage Purpose: Whitening

Good Morning peeps
So I have kept this post in my draft for quite sometime, I was just so busy lately. Anyways, have you ever heard of Babeskin before? Well Babeskin is from the same company from BeautyOat and now they have launched a skincare product call Babeskin. This product consist of 1 Whitening Soap and 2 Serums that acts as a repairing booster.

So when I first received the products I was a bit disappointed that I had to deal with a Soap Bar. I really hate soap bars cause its tricky and gets soggy easily, and I have to find a proper place to store it. I was kinda hoping soap in a tube, but oh well I still tried it out and the effects so far are seeing results.

This whitening soap is enriched with Vitamin A, C & E that creates a soft, smooth skin. It gently removes dirt and excess oil while clearing acne on the face and body. The feel is really pleasant after a wash. Makes the skin feel so refreshed.

After a wash with the soap bar, I will use their Double Serums that acts to purify pores, deeply hydrate, and create a healthy-looking glow. It comes together with a really easy nozzle to use.

There are two serums to use that are:

1. Repairing Booster 
Contains Mandelic acid 10%, to improve the dull, acne and melanie's spots. Repair skin with almod acid (brightening) and Butylene Glycol (moisturising). 

2. Ultimate Mega Lift
Contains Beta-Glucan & Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, to enhance skin's ability to energize and renew firmer looking skin.

As you could see, both serums are clear like water. The only thing that is different is the scent. The serums smell quite good though.

After about a month using Babeskin I did feel a slight change to my skin condition. I am slightly fairer and I feel my skin softer. I don't have much skin problems actually, so that is why you cannot see much change in the pictures.
I love the serums, but I totally cannot take Soap Bars. Well that's me, some of you prefer soap bars better right? What matters is actually the effect. For me I'm satisfied with the outcome.
You should try too.

For more info:
Website: www.babeskin365.com
Facebook account: www.facebook.com/babeskin365
IG account: @babeskin365official

Till then peeps!


  1. I'm not a fan of bar soaps, either. I think they aren't very hygienic. I dislike those about as much as I dislike creams that come in pots without a little spoon to get your cream out. I hate sticking my fingers in a tub of cream and filling it with germs. Ick.

    The serums look very nice. They look thick and luxurious.

    1. I know right, soap bars are just icky. Wish they would do a facial wash in a tube in the future


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