12 July 2015

Car Service around Klang Valley, CitiCars Auto Servicing Sunway Pyramid

Name: CitiCars Auto Servicing
Branch: Sunway Pyramid

How to get there:
Enter through Gate A (basement)
On the left

Service Offered :
Citicars Montez Semi Package Value Worth RM198

- Montez SR3 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil
- Original Oil Filter
- Anti-rust
- Air Filter Cleaning Service
- Windshield Washer Top-Up
- Citicars Signature 26 Inspection Points Check
- Vehicle Diagnosis
- Citicars Service History Booklet
- Labour

Tyre Service = Value Worth RM120
Free Tyre Alignment
Free Tyre Balancing
Free Nitrogen Air

Other Outlets:
Garden's Mall
Paradigm Mall
Empire Shopping Gallery
Johor Bharu City Square
DPulze Shopping Centre Cyberjaya

Hey peeps. So its less than a week before raya. I bet most of you are already half prepared for raya right? Well during this time of year is when most muslims will travel far and meet families and friends, so of course if your travelling by car you need to make sure that your car is up for the job right?

Well right on time near raya my car due date to service was close and I was given the opportunity to try out CitiCars Auto Servicing at Sunway Pyramid.
This is my first time actually servicing my car besides a Perodua Center. My baby is 3 years old and it has been serviced at Perodua Center ever since. So since servicing at a new place I was a bit awkward and worried either the service would be good. But still I tried it out.

So my first impression is that, okay this place is rather nice. I'm not sure on weekends how crowded this place would be cause Perodua Centers would be really crowded eventhough with an appointment.  

When I arrived, I was rather blurry what to do cause I only see the workshop but no counter, so I said to one of the workers that I had an appointment. He then directed me to their office/counter which was inside the mall. It was a bit hidden inside so I barely noticed it.
But then I was greeted warmly by the worker at the counter and he was really cheerful, so it made me less awkward servicing at a new place.

The first thing they did was car inspection, they checked my car on what needed to be changed and so on. Honestly I don't know much about cars, luckily I went with Syafiq so he was the one understanding and explaining. All I know is drive the car and send it to service. Haha... I know, typical for a girl right? That's why I never stopped sending it to Perodua Centre, cause I know nothing about cars and for sure it will be easy to deceive me.
So I was curious about CitiCars, would it be good enough to replace my visit to the Perodua Centre. Besides its really pretty convenient since its located in Sunway Pyramid and I go there at least once a month. Servicing my car would be much easier I suppose.

The time for my appointment was rather late at 6pm, so I had to rush to make a reservation at Sunway Pyramid to break my fast. I left my car for service while I went in Sunway Pyramid to make reservations. For me this felt really good cause I can do something while waiting for my car. Usually I just sit down and stare for an hour during my normal service routines. I get boring really quickly and I can't stand looking at my phone for an hour straight.

So here at CitiCar I was able to go in the mall and do something else while waiting for my car. It was really convenient and I really liked it. Plus, I think now servicing my car would not ba a hassle anymore cause I'm servicing my car at a place I usually visit. If not, going to the Perodua Center is a real hassle for me cause I have to find time to go there. While a service center in a shopping mall is different cause I could also do a bit of shopping also.

So after an hour I came back to pick up my car, so obviously it was 7pm and another half an hour to break my fast. Everything went so smoothly, I also had a nice talk with the worker there that took charge of the counter. 

It seems that CitiCars offered me Montez SR3 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil, they say that it is a German Engine Oil and has the same quality as Perodua Oil. Well I was not so sure but there was no to harm to give it a try.

So when my car was done, I just signed the receipts and I was of to go. But I didn't want to go yet from Sunway Pyramid cause I had iftar reservations. No worries, cause CitiCars has reserve parking for its customers. Ouh that surely saved the hassle, I surely didn't want to go and find parking at that time. I might just have exploded cause parking at Sunway is really *blahhhhh... during that time of hour.

Overall I would give a big thumbs up to CitiCars, I just love their service. Easy and quick without much hassle. The customer service is awesome and I wouldn't have to wait like a clueless person anymore. The mall is always awaiting. LOL

But, yep there's a but. After a drive I didn't feel much that my car was serviced. I don't know how to explain but there is always a different I feel driving before and after service at a Perodua Center. But after my service here, my car seems to still feel like its not. Even Syafiq took a turn to drive and he felt the same thing. Maybe because of the change of oil I suppose, I'm not so sure about that. Even after a week I still cannot feel the difference, my car even can't pickup that quickly when I'm cutting lanes (I'm not sure if that's even connected to the oil). So I was kinda disappointed at that part, but the rest was just superb.

I think I'll come again but take another package using a different oil and see how it goes. Cause the price is also similar to Perodua Centers, the only different is I get to entertain myself in the mall while waiting for the car. And I bet most of you haven't sent your cars yet to service right? Come on peeps, raya is less than a week. Take your family to shop for raya and while at it send your car for service. CitiCars has 5 Outlets to choose from. Pick one and make an appointment today.

Till then peeps

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