23 June 2015

Review: Mary Kay Paradise Calling Collection Nail Laquer

Name: Mary Kay Paradise Calling Collection Nail Lacquer
Colours: Lagoon, Seafoam, Tiki Hut 

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Hey peeps!
So I think it has been ages that this post have been in my draft. So sorry for that, I was really busy and I somehow kept pushing this post aside. But if you guys remembered, I have been doing several posts on Mary Kay's Paradise Calling Collection and these Nail Laquers are a part of them.

These nail laquer has vibrant colours and I recieved Exotic Orchid (Pink), Lagoon (Green). These match completely with the whipped eye colour I received from their collection. Well, I don't usually wear nail polish, but I have a collection of nail polish. Why? 
I'm an art stuent, so I use nail polish for artwork, and they stick really well. I don't have these colours yet in my collection and I am so loving the colours. Vibrant colours attracts best when it comes to art.

Anyway peeps, if you love nail laquers and looking for vibrant colours. You could always check out Mary Kays.

Till then peeps

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