17 June 2015

Look Wild & Stunning With Bianco Mimosa Flaura Fauna Mimosa Raya 2015 Collection

Good morning peeps!
Its been quite a while right and tomorrow is Ramadan already. Are you guys ready for fasting?
And speaking of the fasting month, I bet you guys are already planning for your raya outfits. Well, it seems that even boutiques are all prepared for Raya as well. Last week I was invited to Bianco Mimosa's first ever fashion show at The Royal Chulan KL.

If this is your first time hearing about Bianco Mimosa, it is actually a boutique founded by YBhg Dato' Ida Suraya Mustapha. The story of the founder herself is quite interesting actually, from an engineer to fashion designer. This fashion show was her first ever fashion show and she managed to stun the crowed with her marvelous collection.

Hosted by our local entertainer Dee, the night was surely not bland. We could see various influencers throughout the night. Even our local artists such as Erra Fazira, Ummie Aida and many more were seen that night. Somehow it made me feel so undressed since everyone was all dressed up. LOL
I should really start spending my money more on clothes than food I suppose.

So the night started of with a dance performance that totally matched the theme for that night which was Safari Flora Fauna Mimosa Raya. Even the the floor was decorated to a nice safari theme.
And drumrollssssss... are you gals excited to see what Bianco Mimosa have to offer for you this raya?

A total of 118 designed pieces from this collection were shown to the audience that night. Each piece is made of high quality fabric that was important from many parts of the world. With sewing techniques and detailed hand made customisations, they guarantee comfortness to whoever wear their pieces.

There was also a surprising show up from Nurul which performed two songs for that night after the first part of the runaway. Somehow got the crowed more hyped up to see what's coming up next. 

Totally unexpected, Dee came up after breaks with extravagant gowns for that night. Wondered if it was tailored made as well.

I surely was stunned with most of the dresses shown and was like 'cantiknyaaaaa!!'. There were surely various kinds of colours and designs just perfect for raya. 

This is one of the piece I would totally have for Raya, its simple yet so elegant! I have been to various fashion shows before but not all fashion shows highlight pieces that are friendly for normal wearers. Not all people are brave enough to pull off fashionable pieces. I love how Dato' Ida Suraya still mantained simple yet breathtaking pieces in her collection for Mimosa Raya.

But still there were pieces that fashionista's would surely love. The last dress for the night was surely beautiful.

So a big congratulations to Dato' Ida Suraya on her success and her Flaura Fauna Mimosa Raya collection. I'm sure you would love the pieces too.

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Till then peeps!

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  1. That collection is truly beautiful. That last dress took my breath!

    Unfortunately, my health will not allow me to fast this year. To make up for it I've decided to do more charitable activities and spending more time studying and reading Qur'an. I hope that by next year that I will be able to fast!


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