02 June 2015

HidrateMe, A Smart Water Bottle / Bekas Air Pintar

Pic from HidrateMe

When I first got to know about this bottle I was kinda confused actually. How could a water bottle be a smart one? It looks just like an ordinary bottle but with a really nice design. So then I watched this video and my jaw dropped. 

Wohoaaaaaa..... I never imagined that a water bottle could transform so much.  

A bottle like this surely has to come to Malaysia. With our hot weather here, we constantly get dehydrated, even though we drink plenty of water. Even for me, I drink a lot of mineral water everyday but I always am dehydrated. Its just that I don't know how much water should I drink, and sometimes I forget to drink. I bet most of you have the same issue as well right?

Pic from HidrateMe
HidrateMe sure came out with a great product here, and no denying that their bottle design looks amazing right? I surely am faling in love with this black one, it kinda makes me feel like something from the future that we see in movies. LOL

So HidarateMe just launched their Hidrate Kickstarter Campaign today. Help them pledge by Tuesday July 14th 2015 and maybe they would bring in these Smart Bottles in Malaysia. If I'm not mistaken, we don't have something like this yet in our country.

So head down

For me this is such a great product to shout out about. Drinking enough water is a way to live healthy and helps your skin condition as well. As a Beauty Blogger of course I love products that helps to keep me healthy and pretty. And by having this kind of bottle, don't you think it encourages you to drink more?

What would you do if you have this bottle?
Let me know in the comments below.
Till then peeps!

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  1. Oh wow! I think I'll need this, haha, im always dehydrated ish! Btw love the design!


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