30 June 2015

Gempak Raya bersama Jakel 2015, Lelongan Baju Melayu Aaron Aziz & Nabil Ahmad

Hey peeps! So how is puasa so far? I bet most of you are already preparing for raya. But if you haven't no worries cause Jakel would always be prepared for you. 'INGAT RAYA, INGAT JAKEL'. So last weekend I was invited by Jakel to their roadshow 'Gempak Raya Bersama Jakel' where our popular local artists Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Mia Sarah and Rykal Iskandar came down to Jakel Shah Alam to promote their raya wear. Last year Baju Melayu Aaron Aziz got massive feedback's from our Malaysians, but for this year, Jakel also made Nabil Ahmad as one of their ambassadors.

With more than 30 colours and patterns for this years collection, Jakel has introduced more vibrant colours for this years collection. Even Nabil Ahmad's collection is eye catching with its two-tone colours with high quality fabric.
Not only is Jakel focusing on Mens wear for Raya, but also they have prepared Baju Kurung Modern Rozita Che Wan with prices starting from RM329.00. Jakel also have prepared various colours which you could get at all Jakel outlets.

Not only are Jakel focusing on adult wear for Raya, but also for the kids as well. With a collaboration with Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. Jake is also bringing in Upin Ipin Raya Collection for the little ones. With prices ranged starting from RM79.90 to RM125.90, Jakel is also giving away free Buttons and Sampans for each set. Not only does Jakel has Baju Melayu for the boys but also Baju Kurung for the girls.

During each event there were an auction done by the ambassadors themselves which managed to attract a very big crowd to Jakel. I could hardly breath with people so packed shopping for raya while the deals are too good to be true.

The turnout was massive, there were so many people during the auction made by Aaron Aziz and Nabil Ahmad. And the prices were also drop dead with normal prices from RM300+ to just RM150+. People were crowded to get  their hands on the newest collection.
Jakel has also given 100 pieces of free Baju Melayu to their first 100 customers and 400 early customers also got a free Baju Melayu with a purchase of one of Nabil Ahmad's of Aaron Aziz's Collection.

Not enough with the three-storey store they have, Jakel also opened up a massive tent for more raya clothings. Not only clothing's but also carpets. Do you see how massive it is? And the crowd was massive as well!

Jakel has tons of carpets which is now super cheap. I bet carpet lovers would be lost in here with a lot of selections to choose from.

So peeps, this carnival will last for the whole month of Ramadhan so you all have time until the last night of puasa. People are already starting to crowd this space to get the best deals for this raya, so don't you guys miss out on this opportunity. There will keep on having 'happy hours' for you so you could shop more with a cheaper price.
I've done my shopping at Jakel already, how about you?

More info head down to www.jakel.my

Till then peeps


  1. lawa lawa bju kat jakel . kite pon shopping jakel hari tu

  2. Bestnyaa. nanti nak pergi beli baju raya kat jakel. Banyak baju cantik cantik ena tengok


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