17 May 2015

Snacks in Malaysia, Monster's Crazy Crunchy (MCC) Rainbow Version

Name: Monster's Crazy Crunchy (MCC) 
Price: RM7.00 per jar (250g)
Ingredients: Milk Chocolate, Cooking Chocolate, Rice Bubbles
Availability: www.crazycrunchy
MCC Hotline: 013 889 004 (Whatsapp)

Testimonial: Monster's Crazy Crunchy

Hey peeps
So just a short post tonight. Hope your weekend went well cause tomorrow is working day already. I am so not over my weekend yet. I feel like my weekend went so fast.
Anyways today's post is to give a shoutout for MCC newest snack which most of you would really love. If before Malaysians were going crazy over chocolate rice bubbles, but now MCC has created a rainbow versions. Looks more cheerful don't you think?

Well the trick to eating this snack is by melting the chocolate inside the jar by dipping the jar upside down in hot water. Leave it about a minute and then mix the chocolate with rice bubbles. Don't worry cause its so easy to mix, the chocolate melts perfectly for a nice full mix with the rice bubbles. So you won't be complaining that there isn't enough chocolate.

Just look at how tempting this chocolate jar is. So who is drooling right now? Cause onced you taste it you'll be craving for more. Trust me. I couldn't stop until one whole jar was finished.

So I surely enjoyed my MCC Jars. They are perfectly crunchy and dipped with enough chocolate. I couldn't get enough. This snack also boosted up my mood when doing assignments, cause I'm the type of person that needs something to motivate myself. Good job MCC, I'm sure students will be loving these MCC Rainbow Version as late night snacks while trying hard to get their assignments done.

Till then peeps!


  1. Aaaaaa chocolate! Gambar mira yang last tu *_*

  2. Sedap sungguh benda ni.. Nak beli lagilah.. dah habis stock dalam bilik.. asyik makan je... terbaiklah MCC


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