18 May 2015

Review: SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream & Pore Silky Balm, Malaysia's Beauty Product

Hey peeps!
So how was your Monday today? Felt rather blue? Well I did, in the morning, I felt so gloomy and miserable and I barely wanted to go out at all. But not going out to do what your supposed to do will  mess up your timetable right? So I persuaded myself to start my day. So what I did was I tried on SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream which made my face look much more alive. Eventhough with just a simple pat on the face, it made me more confident to start my day without much makeup on.

Still confused what actually is SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream? Well it is one of our local beauty products here in Malaysia and it has just entered the market for only 3 weeks. Even though they are still young in the market but they managed to grab many attention with their product. Even local artists has been spreading out the word for this SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream with positive feedbacks.

So today, I'll write on my thoughts of how I think of this BB Cushion Cream. I recieved their BB Cushion Cream and a refill including their all new Pore Silky Balm which has not been launched yet. So I'll guide you on the steps on how to wear this product. Shall we begin then?

Name: SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream SPF50PA++
Price: RM129.90 (Inculdes: SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream + Refill + SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm Sample) While Stocks Last
Usage Purpose: Makeup, Moisture + Sunscreen, Whitening + Cooling

5 Benefits In One:
1. Acts as makeup and heels your face
2. Protects the skin from UV Rays
3. Whitening purposes 5X more than usual
4. Has high SPF content
5. Refreshing & Moisturises the face

Ingrediants: Aloe Vera, Estrak Bunga Mawar, Chamomile, Jojoba, Jasminum Officinale, Squalene, Centella Asiatica, Narcissus, Freesia Refracta Extract, Lilium Candidum

Name: SyaLaa Pore Sily Balm (Sample)
Price: Not For Sale (5g)
Usage Purpose: Makeup Primer, Cover Pores, Control Acsess Oil, Softening the skin

More Info:
Instagram : #syalaaempireofficial
FB :@syalaabeauty
website : www.syalaaempire.com
Contact no : 03-87414957 / 0182393947/0182441506

First of all before applying the BB Cushion Cream, it is advised to apply some of their pore silky balm all over your face to give more coverage and greater effect after applying the BB Cream. What I received here is their sample since they have not yet to launch this product yet. So the price is still undefined. But to me, eventhough this is a sample, it looks pretty convinient to carry around since its small and looks so cute.

Why use the Pore Silky Balm? Well, it functions just like a primer. I'm not sure if most of you uses primer on a daily day basis, but primer really helps a lot to maintain your makeup and create that really flawless look that most girls would want to achieve. Compared to the primers I own, this SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm is really like a lip balm, its texture is not so greasy and not even oily. And it really does covers up the pores. Below is a more detailed instruction on how to use this balm.

So next, lets head down to the main product.

First impression when I recieved this product I was really impressed with the packaging, in fact I was really impressed that it is local made. From what I think of it the packaging is really nice and looks so soft. So a thumbs up for the packaging.

Just by looking at it, I could see that it is almost as good as those international brands we have out there. So who owns a BB Cushion Cream as well? What do you think?

So when I swatched a bit of the BB Cream, it gave instant coverage. And the colour they have suits all asian skins.

And great news peeps! You will get a refill as well when you purchase this SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream with full price. Isn't that so worth it?
So what is so great about this SyaLaa BB Cream? Well they have 5 benefits in just one touch!

Since you have discovered its benefits, so how to use it then?

And of course I wouldn't miss a chance to show you how it worked on me. So I started of with my bare face and I applied their Pore Silky Balm all over my face, especially my nose area. My nose are has always had problems with pores.

So then I applied the SyaLaa BB Cream on half of my face first to see the results? What do you think? It's instant whitening right? And you could see that half of my face looks much more softer and healthier. So I got excited and applied it over the whole face.

Tadaaaa! This BB Cushion Cream managed to cover up my pores so well. At first I kinda felt uncomfortable since I was sweating and the BB Cream was kinda oily, but after a minute the BB Cream blended with my skin really well and it wasn't oily no more. It kinda made my face look more naturally glowing and it covered up most of my imperfections. So I used this about 3 times already and really impressed with the results.
It managed to stay within longer hours without having to touch up. I usually like to go for a matte face, so if you are like me, try blending it with some powder. It works so well with powder blended with it too.
Overall I am beginning to fall in love with this product plus the price is affordable don't you think?
So who says our locals cannot produce good products. One of them is what you are seeing now.
What do you think? Let me know in the comment below.

Till then peeps!


  1. Perghhhh muka nampak natural dan kemas.. urrrgghh ena dah jatuh hati ni.. memandangkan foundation ena dah habis, nak try la yang ni pula

  2. What shade are you using?

  3. Omg. I fall in love with the packaging! So girly and cute. Gonna include this on my next-to-buy-list! :D

  4. Hi sis! Cmna nk dptkn sya Laa BB Air cusion nih? Berminat sgt..mb blh dptkn sikit info.. tq!

  5. Hi sis! Cmna nk dptkn sya Laa BB Air cusion nih? Berminat sgt..mb blh dptkn sikit info.. tq!

  6. omggg the packaging is soooo cute! at first i thought it was Etude :D anyway, are they sell their product to Indonesia too? because this is absolutely gonna be in my wishlist (i'm a cushion lover lol)


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