31 May 2015

Review: Real Cosmetics Malaysia, The New Age Foundation by Raja Ema

Name: Real Cosmetics The New Age Foundation
Price: RM59.90 EM RM69.00 WM

White foundation 
Contains pigmented capsules 
Changes to skin colour  
Act as a make-up and skin care product
Maintain , beautify and protect 
Suitable for all skin colour 
Moisturises within 24 hours 
Anti bacterial & Anti -Oxidant
High SPF

Availability: The New Age Foundation Dealers

More Info:
Facebook: Real Cosmetics
Instagram: @rajaema

Good Morning Beauties!
So remember my previous post I showed a video of me using The New Age Foundation by Raja Ema to create my May look?
If you missed, check it out here.

Malaysia's 90's sweetheart singer and actress Raja Ema has just launched another product of hers a few months back. Before this Raja Ema has a line of Sleepwear of her creation which she calls Raja Ema Sleepwear Collection. She has been actively selling through instagram and also other platforms such as OMG Fest.

Despite her being busy with her acting career in dramas, she managed to launch another product this year which is The New Age Foundation by Real Cosmetics. She is even planning to launch another two of her products by Raya this year. What product? I even don't know, just wait for her surprise.

Raja Ema sure shows a role model figure to Malaysian women out there that sources of income are everywhere as long as your passionate and hardworking enough to gain what you want.

Talking about her products then, The New Age Foundation comes in a really cute size see-thru jar which makes the product have a touch of elegance to it. It also has a protective cover placed, so you would not have to worry about a messy lid after several usages.

What is unique about the New Age Foundation is that its originally a white foundation. This is my first time owning a white foundation, made me think of it more as a CC Cream. The foundation contains pigmented capsules which will break once rubbed to create a colour according to your skin type. Thus, once blended, your skin will manage to create a nice glowing look that matches your original skin colour. So you would not have to worry about your shade cause this foundation is for all skin types no matter what colour you are. No more problems with buying the wrong shade anymore.

So I have tried it out a couple of times and fascinated with the results. Above is the results of me wearing The New Age Foundation only without any makeup. As you can see, this foundation gives medium coverage which manages to cover my pores but not my imperfections. So you might have to apply some concealer as well. But for me I'm pretty much satisfied with the results with applying the foundation by itself.

And the product goes completely well with makeup. You could see that my face is glowing with this foundation. It creates a nice soft flawless look either your wearing simple or heavy makeup. 
Overall I love how this foundation works, I won't have to worry if I get a little bit darker or a little fairer cause I could use this product all year long.
The texture is also non sticky and very light, but it will be much easier if it comes in a tube cause opeing the foundation on a rush is such a hassle. Besides that, this foundation is just perfect for daily wear. It could last all day long even under the hot sun.

So a big round of applause to Raja Ema for creating a really great quality local product. Us Malaysians should also support our local brands right? 

What do you think?
Till then peeps!


  1. collagen dlm produk tu apa jenis nya ya?


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