03 May 2015

Review: Obtain Smooth Silky Hair with L'Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H Pefecting Shampoo

Name: L'Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H Perfecting Range
Price: RM15.90 (170ml)

Micro-Keratin Technology that helps fill in Micro-Irregularities and polish hair fiber by fibre.
Camelia Oil Extract for softening and hydrating

Usage Purpose:
Fills hair Micro-Irregularities, Smooth, Silky Managable Hair and Frizz Control for 3 days.
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Happy Sunday peeps! Such a lovely morning right?! Anyways, I just got back from Melaka and I feel super tired yet so happy. Eventhough I just stayed there overnight I felt like I was gona from a week cause I didn't have time to go through my social medias and I felt like I've been missing a lot. Plus it was my birthday that day so I was pretty much having fun celebrating. Sorry. LOL

Okay, enough bout me and get back to the main purpose your here. So I think I reviewed this shampoo for a really long time and I have finished half of the bottle already. So what about this Shampoo?
As mentioned its for smooth and silky hair. So as you all may know that before this I was using L'Oreal Anti Fall Resist 3X . So since I'ved got back my hair and new hair started to grow, I wanted to try somthing else for a change for extra pampering. So I tried out the Keratin Smooth range which purpose to provide smooth and silkier hair.

The first thing I loved about this shampoo range was the scent. The scent smells heavenly like fruits. Well to me they were, I'm not good at describing scents. In fact I think L'Oreal Shampoo all of them have really nice scent. So after a month plus using this range I found out that my hair feels more soft and more apealing which makes me feel like I don't wanna tie my hair into a bun anymore. Usually at home I'll be tieing my hair most of the time but now I just love playing with my hair. 
So I have overcome my hair fall problem, and now my frizzy hair problem and next I'm gonna try out L'Oreal Mythic Oil. Have been aiming that for a while now and review says that one is superb. 
Soon I might just have the perfect hair before I go into marriage. LOL

And yeah! Great news peeps, if your are a L'Oreal fan of shampoos like me your lucky cause L'Oreal Shampoos are still at the same price as before cause L'Oreal is covering for GST. Only for their hair prodcuts! So if your not a L'Oreal fan, why not be one today.

Till then peeps, enjoy the rest of your holidays.

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