14 May 2015

Review: Mary Kays Paradise Calling Collection Whipped Eye Colour

Name: Mary Kay Paradise Calling Collection Whipped Eye Colour
Colours: Lagoon, Seafoam, Tiki Hut 

Hey peeps!
I'm back with another review. So if you guys has missed out earlier I had shown you a little teaser about Mary Kay's newest collection that is the Paradise Calling Collection. If you guys don't recall or is new here, head down for a little peep at my earlier review. And yes I did a short video as well so make sure to check it out.

Sorry I took such a big gap to post it up since I have been like busy like never these past few months but I will never leave you alone bloggy. So as you can see I have received a lot for Mary Kay and I am so much excited to share with you guys a detailed review for each item.

So today's item will obviously be their new whipped eye colour! They gave me three of their colours to try out so let's get to the review then.

Honestly, this is my first time ever having and using a whipped eyesadow. All of the eyeshadows I have are powdered so I got a little bit awkward using a creamy eyeshadow colour. But the colours are really amazing! Can you see how beautiful they are? With just a small swatch they blended perfectly well with the skin that made me wanted to try all these colours together cause I couldn't choose which colour I like the most.

The packaging also is really nice, but its in a glass container so its rather heavy and not so friendly to cary out. But for displays on your makeup table it looks really really nice.

As you can see I tried out and blended all the three colours together which blended really well. I didn't have to swatch much also and it was sealed to the eyelid so nicely. Do you see how shiny the whipped eye colour is? This eye colour is perfect for dinner occassions or glamorous ones I think. But I'm not sure if it will go well under the hot sun since its creamy.

Overall, these are something really new to me and I am so grateful that Mary Kay introduced it to me. I have these nice and stored up at my makeup table and they seriously look beautiful. I just love the product and I just love the colours. The texture isn't so bad at all.

Till then peeps

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