16 May 2015

Review: Mary Kay Paradise Calling Collection Lacquered Lip Shine

Hey Peeps!
So just a short post for tonight. If you girls have been following me, you would have known that I have already mentioned to you about Mary Kay's New Paradise Calling Collection. But if you girls has missed my previous posts about this collection, please do visit Paradise Calling Collection Beauty Look and Mary Kay's Whipped Eye Colour.

If you have read all of the previous posts, thank you and so shall we head on to their Lacquered Lip Shine? Mary Kay gave me three colours to review which are Exotic Orchid, Tropical Mandarin and also Sunbaked. 

As you can see, these lip lacquers has really vibrant colours except for Sunbaked which is nude in colour. It is in a dense liquid form and with only one swatch you will get a full application. No need to apply much then cause they stick pretty well. To well that it last really long throughout the day without having to touch up.

So for the short video I made for this look, you would have seen that I used all the lip colours for all one look. Don't you think just by the colours of the lip they give a new mood and look to each and one of them? 

Overall these lip lacquers are really nice, especially their colour. They are rather sticky at first and they instantly stick to your lips. So you will have to use a makeup remover to fully remove your applications. I love the brush the most, cause it makes it is so easier to line the lips well so it doesn't look smudged. It could create an effect almost sharp as a lip liner.

So what do you think peeps?
Which colour do you like the most?
And which look would you prefer?
Let me know.
Till then peeps!

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