24 May 2015

Review: Horien Eye Secret Contact Lenses in Malaysia

Name: Horien Eye Secret Contact Lenses 
Material: Polymacon
Water Content: 38%
BC: 8.6mm
DIA: 14.0mm
Power: 0.00, -1.00 ~ -10.00 (-1.00 ~ -6.00, one power for every 0.25; -6.00 above, one power for every 0.50)
Color: Black and Brown (for Daily color lenses)
Black, Brown, Gray, Coco, Purple, and Blue (for Monthly color lenses)

More Info:

Good Morning peeps! Missed me? 
So for the past month I have been trying out Horien's Eye Secret Contact Lenses. These contact lenses are originally from Taiwan and just recently entered the Malaysian market. It basically offers daily and monthly clear and coloured contact lenses with six different colours to choose from.
These contact lenses are said to be in BMW 3D Wrap Technology which are thinner, smoother and  helps sharper vision. 

I received a monthly coloured contact lens to try out from them in the colour brown. As you could see these contact lenses definitely made my eye look really big. I love the colour, it goes well with Asian eyes without making the colour of my eye out stand that much and giving a slightly natural look.  I'm not sure about you guys but I don't fancy much of having big eyes since my eyes are already quite big. But still this coloured contact lens I received does not look too fake compared to their black ones. I'm curious what the other colours would look like on me.

These are the samples I received for daily coloured contact lenses. I received them in black which are already the colour of my eyes. As you could see my eyes looks huge! It made me look almost like an alien cause my eyes are originally big. So I will definitely cut off black contact lenses from my list. But I think most Asians girls loves having big eyes, so it depends on the user actually.

And these are the clear monthly contact lenses. Clear lenses are usually my favourite since I don't quite like my eyes to stand out so much. 

Overall, these contact lenses I received basically all feels the same, they are thin so I didn't feel like I was wearing the lens. It is really easy to wear, it instantly sticks to the eyes. I even wore them in the car once without having to look at the mirror. Its just easy like that, but make sure your hands are clean okay, you wouldn't want any eye infections.

What I don't really like much about these contact lenses is that is dries really quickly, I have to constantly keep putting eye drops 2 hours once or the contact lenses will dry. It will then cause my eyes to be uncomfortable, painful and tend to fall out of the eyes. Maybe these contact lenses are not made for the weather here in Malaysia. I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem.

I may be having a bit of problem with their contact lenses but this product above I am so loving right now. Their eye secret multi-purpose solution. This solution is like the best solution I have ever tried out. It cleans, it refreshes and it hydrates the eyes really well. And the most important thing is that it does not hurt the eyes. Its soft and it give a really nice feel to the eyes. Most of the multi-purpose solutions I've used before constantly makes my eyes hurt and turn red when using it but this one does not. So I am sure gonna buy more of these in the future.

So what do you think about these contact lenses? Do you prefer your original eyes or really big eyes?
Let me know in the comments below.
Till then peeps!


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