30 May 2015

My May Beauty Look Teaser

Good Morning Beauties!
I'm back with another Beauty Look.
This May I have been blessed with so many beauty products given to me for review purposes. So as usual I'll combine some of the products I have received to create a look. Since I'm out of words for my title, I just wrote down what I had in mind. I got stuck pretty much just thinking of a title. Maybe you guys could suggest me a title after you have seen my final look.

So here are the products that I'll be reviewing soon and what you will see in my video.
The New Age Foundation from Real Cosmetics
Face Luxe Brush from Breena Beauty
Long Lasting Eye Shadow Sticks from Elianto
Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow from Clio
The New Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks from Maybelline Malaysia added with a bouquet of flowers. <3

So shall we get to the teaser, its just a short video peeps. Hope you like it.


Any ideas then what to call this look? I wanna change my title. It would be nice if my readers could name the look for me.

Anyways, thank you guys so much for watching, I really appreciate it. I had a fun time doing what I love without any pressure. I hope more would come in the future and thank you so much for the support you guys have given to Scribbledydum all this while. I am hoping to become better in what I do, Insyallah.

So if any of you have suggestions or ideas on what I should do and what I should improvise in the future, please let me know.

Till then peeps
Have a great holiday!


  1. Ini look namanya "alhamdulillah. officially engaged." :p

  2. Btw I am so getting the elianto stickssss

  3. Aww..you look so cute! Besides the makeup you're wearing my eyes was actually on that bouquet of flowers that you hold on the photo..they're so pretty! <3

  4. i love your background XD later we go to ikea together and help me do the same thing okay babe!


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