27 May 2015

Food Review: Capprilicious Ramadhan Buffet at Capri By Fraser Bangsar South Kuala Lumpur

Hey peeps!
It has been a really long time since my last food review right? Well Ramadhan is just around the corner and of course we would love to know great places to open our fast right?
Have you heard about Capri by Fraser Hotel Residences before? Located at Bangsar South City Kuala Lumpur, this hotel managed to grab tons of awards for the past several years. No joking, this place is stunningly amazing. Everything you see is jaw dropping. But today is not a review on the hotel but about their Ramadhan Buffet at Caprilicious.

Capprilicious is Capri's Coffee House and for this year's fasting season, their main theme is 'Citarasa Ibunda' which will be from 22 June until 15 July 2015.

'Citarasa Ibunda' will be featuring Malaysian's popular main dishes such as Nasi Beriyani, Laksa Pahang, Gulai Daging Kawah, Ayam Rendang Minang, Grilled minute Steak, Mee Rebus, Kambing Kuzi, Ipoh Hor Fun, Bubur Lambuk and Kambing Bhamia.
Not only that, they will also be having hot live stations preparing fritters such as Kambing Panggang, Ikan Bakar and also Satay.
For refreshments they will be preparing non other than Malaysians loved desserts Ais Kacang and Cendol.
There will be over 70 dishes served daily with rotation basis on the hot main dish.

Yummy! So are you guys ready to be delighted with pictures?
Here are some of the main dishes served.

Kerabu Mangga
And then for the desserts they served Malaysian's traditional cakes.

Also Ais Kacang and Cendol as refreshments.

Not forgetting their hot live stations outside the coffee house.

Kambing Pangang
There were so many choices to choose from, I surely had a hard time choosing what to eat first. So I started off with my favourite dish, chicken and beef satay. Then I had some Nasi Beriyani with Chicken, Fish, Squid and also Kerabu Mangga. For desserts I tried each of the cakes and ended my meal with a delightful freshness of Ais Kacang.

Overall the food here is just delightful, so many choices to choose from. The Kerabu Mangga tastes awesome! Also does their Satay. This would sure be a nice venue to break your fast with friends and family, Capri has such a nice environment.

The price for this buffet is RM90 per person on normal days with promotional pre-sale vouchers at RM72. There is also a 25% discount for early birds, buy 10 free 1. Children below 4 eat for free and 5 to 12 years gets 50% discount. All prices are included with GST.

For dining reservations: 03 2386088

More Info:
Capri by Fraser Facebook
Capri by Fraser Website

So I hope this post gives you an idea where you should break your fast this year. This is my first time stepping into Capri and the hotel is drop dead stunningly beautiful. You should check in as their guest as well, I'm sure their rooms will not disappoint you. Trust me, cause we had a little tour to their rooms.

And a big thank you also to Destination Malaysia for inviting me
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Till then peeps, enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Ya Allah! Tempting betul tengok the foods.

  2. Mana gambar yang I amik?
    Mesti cantik gambar tu kan

  3. Cantiknya tempat ni.. suka la! Romantik!


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