04 May 2015

Beauty Look: Mary Kay Limited Edition New Paradise Calling Collection Malaysia

Good Morning peeps!
Monday Blues anyone? Whyyyyyyyyy??? Its a holiday. Enjoy it!
So for today, is a really big surprise from Mary Kay! I love them so much that I feel like I wanna cry seeing all these. How about you?

Introducing to you Mary Kays newest makeup collection. Their limited edition Paradise Calling Collection which features vibrant colours ranging from lip gloss to nail laquer. And not forgeting their exclusive new fragrance set, Thinking of Love that smells heavenly.
So since they sent me so much, of course I have to give back much too. I have created a short video on the colours and looks created with this range.
I had so much fun doing this that I didn't even do my job properly, some of my video shots I didn't notice I wasn't recording. Such a pity, but still I tried working on what I had.

And yeah! Thats just it but of course this will not be the end of it, I'm gonna post up a more detailed post soon with my opinions on these products, including their nail laquer as well! Can't wait for the next write-up. Wait for it okay.
For more info head down to www.marykay.com.my

Till then peeps.


  1. Those eye colors are fantastic on you. The green works very well with your skin.

    The first lip color you put on is really nice. I wonder if Mary Kay here in the US is selling that line!

  2. Beautiful shots you got there. Truly adore how you picture every single thing!


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