12 May 2015

Asyikin Exclusive Official Media Launch at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Hey peeps I'm baaaackk!
So if you guys have been following me on my Instagram you would have known that I have been travelling lately. Alhamdulliah, rezeki. 
I know I have been missing for a while, so sorry for that. May has been really hectic since the first day which was my birthday!
So as you can see, I spent my birthday this year with Asyikin Exclusive.

Thank you to Dynamigue that I recieved this exclusive invite to attend Asyikin Exclusive Media Lauch at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. So far from KL right? Well lets just say a big thank you to Asyikin Exclusive for bringing me all the way down here. This was such a nice birthday present for me.

So what exactly is Asyikin Exclusive? It was previously known as Asyikin Collection, and when you hear collection usually you would already guess that it is a boutique. Yes it is a boutique, they rebranded and registered themselves as Asyikin Exclusive Boutique on April 2013. Asyikin Exclusive offers creations of Selendang, Scarves and also Muslimah clothings.
The owner and founder of Asyikin Exclusive is a young mother of 4, Nur Ayikin Rahmat. She has experienced in many festivals and online shop festivals in this business so we know that she has a lot of experience in the fashion industry.

The purpose of the Media Launch was to promote some of their new collections which are the Mulan Shawls, Safiyya Dresses and many more. Hosted by Anis Al-Idrus, the media lauch was seemed to be opened to public and managed to grab many attention by the passing bys.

Picture Credit to Dynamigue
During the event, they owner herself even showed a demo on how to wear here exclusive shawls and that it is easy and not a hassle to wear. The fabric chosen for her shawls are in high quality which contributes a lot for an easy wear.

Picture Credit to Dynamigue
And the ambassador for Asyikin Exclusive is non other than the beautiful Puteri Sarah.

Picture Credit to Dynamigue
Picture Credit to Dynamigue
They was even a fashion show to present their new collection and the shawls you see the models are wearing are their Mulan Shawls which has gorgeous beading's at the side. Trust me that their Mulan Shawls are really beautiful with high quality fabric.

Picture Credit to Dynamigue
Picture Credit to Dynamigue
And during the launch also, they had a cake cutting ceremony where Pn Ayikin and her husband sweetly launched the the event together with their models just behind them. So the event was just sweet and simple with pretty pastel colours as the theme.

So lets take a peek at their boutique at Dataran Pahalwan Melaka Megamall. This boutique as you can see from the outside is already lavished with luxury with a chandelier and spot lights.

From the inside view we could see a lot of colours from their hijabs to their muslimah clothing's. They have so much to offer. And here are the list of some of the products featured by Asyikin Exclusive.
  • Mulan Shawls
  • Latifah Instant
  • Blouses
  • Safiyya Dresses
  • AE Basic Shawls
  • Nawal Shawls
  • Nawal Glitter Shawls
  • Long Shawls
  • Ruffled Shawls
  • Sofea Shawls Suria Sinia
  • Leopard Lovers
  • Sari Scarves
  • Square Scarves

And what might surprise you is that their prices are still very affordable. I myself with quite shocked with the prices since that usually scarves at boutiques will be sold very pricey. So students you could still afford to shop here and they have great fabric quality.

So if your in Melaka and finding a place to shop for hijab, why not try and drop by here. But no fret for those who are far from Melaka, there are still other options for you to get your hands on their selection.
You could either purchase your order through their facebook or event their website, hassle free and will be posted to you directly.

Asyikin Exclusive Facebook
Asyikin Exclusive Website

And of course I'm gonna brag about my birthday present from Asyikin Exclusive. I received their new collection which is the Mulan Shawl in grey and it is stunning! The fabric is so nice and it was really easy to wear. Now I already have a scarf for raya. How about you?

Till then peeps


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