04 April 2015

Winners Announcement : Giveaway Citra Mulia Products

Happy Weekends peeps!
So I know I should have posted this up ages ago but I'm so terribly sorry cause I was super duper busy and I didn't have time to get the gifts ready.
But now I have them ready and its time to announce the winners!

If you guys missed my giveaway.
Here is the Giveaway I hosted a few weeks ago

So drumrolls... who are the lucky winners?

Congratulations Shamiera Osment and Aimyra Wahid

The winners were selected randomly by rafflecopter.
So for those who didn't win, there would always be a next time okay.

For the first winner which is Shamiera Osment you will be receiving the bestselling Milano Ashley Green Tea and Rose Tea Hand and Body Moisturiser and a little something extra I added which is the Musk.

And for the second winner which is Aimyra Wahid, you will be receiving Milano Ashley's The Musk and White Musk and also Scholar's Lavender and Milk Body Lotion.

I hope both of you would like these products from Citra Mulia.
Please give me a bit more time until I post the parcels, and I'll be emailing you both shortly for your details.

And also thank you so much to everyone who participated.
Love you lots.
Till then peeps.


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