22 April 2015

Review: Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Scorpio

Name: Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Scorpio
Price: RM60.00 approx.
Availability: All Sephora Outlets

Hey peeps!
Remember my last video? I used this eyeshadow to create that look.
This is my very first ever Urban Decay eyeshadow and I'm really really likeway beyond happy that I finally have an urban decay product. These products don't come cheap and of course owning them while still being a student is a really big achievement. 
I have been reading reviews and hearing about the product all this type but I have never really owned one. So when I was annouced by Emily Quack that I won her giveaway I was super duper excited.
So if you know me you will know how I am when I'm excited. 

Anyways, I recieved their products from their very newest collection which is their Spring Collection. Their moondust collection consist of 11 colours and 4 of their colurs are new, which Scorpio here happens to be a new colour. The packaging is very new for me since this is my very first one from them. It has a taste of elegance and its light. It seems that their single colour eyeshadows are all with the same holder. Never new that plastic colud look so good like this.

The colour is really sparkly and dark which really makes the eyes stand out. It gives a really dramatic look to the eyes also. The colour is not black exactly, its like a combination of dark seaweed green and grey which includes silvery gold dust as sparkels.
Its highly pigmented and of course the colour stands alone even without any base.

I am so loving this eyeshadow but still I can't use this for everyday wear since the colour is so intense. Its suitable for night events and dinners since it has sparkles included. But still I think I have to learn more blending in dark eyeshadows cause I'm not so used to dark eyeshadows. Especially black.
Either than that I have nothing much to say.

Till then peeps!

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  1. i'm so jelly lah! this Scorpio colour is very beautiful, it is among my favourite shade ^_^


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