27 April 2015

Review: Shizens Mini Lip Gloss Set

Hey peeps! This is just gonna be a short post.
So a couple of months ago I recieved this Shizens Mini Lip Gloss set and thought it was really cute.
Don't you think so? I'm not sure if they are selling this at Shines or are these Lip Glosses only given for special occasions or contest. Cause I recieved this during their Tea Party a couple of months back.

They have a total of 6 really pretty colours which the presentation of each gloss is really somthing right? It reminds me of those bouncy rubber balls with the glitters like that.

But sadly, as much as you see how rich the colour could be, most of all basically does not have any colour at all except for just one which is really like pink. And the case is really hard to open, hard a really hard time to open it up.

But still, they are lip gloss, so at least they have that glossy effect. For me I'm gonna save this for props. It looks really cute right? But if I bought this, I'm not sure if it was worth the money. I just posted this up cause I really loved the photos I have taken for this product. Thought wanted to share it with you guys. LOL

Till then peeps, be patient with me cause I have more projects coming up soon.


  1. I got this during a lucky draw session too.. but yeah it really looks very pretty but I don't think I'll use


    1. I'm not using this again seriously. Its too beautiful to use, but kalau guna pun tak effect sangat

  2. cute! <3 i know that feeling! the addiction of pretty product photos. kadang2 tak sabar nk post!

    1. Kannnnnn... Tapi nak post tu berkurun nak tunggu, sebab nak tunggu semua dah perfect baru boleh post


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