12 April 2015

Review: The NEW Maybelline New York White Superfresh CC Cream

Name: Maybelline New York White Superfresh CC Cream
Price: RM27.30 (18ml)

Usage Purpose: Instantly Brightens Skin Tones and reveals a whiter complexion overtime
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hey peeps!
I'm back with another review. So as you can see today's product review is The All New Maybelline's New York CC Cream. I had received this CC cream ages ago but I didn't quite have the time to post it up. But during that time I kept on using this on several occasions. I even made a video using this product but I didn't have time to finish edit yet, so I suppose I have to up the review first.

Anyways, I know some of you might be confused what is the difference between a CC Cream and a BB Cream. Trust me ladies, I do too. Well before I received this CC Cream, I was using Maybelline's BB Cream, which I think I have not reviewed it yet, so maybe I'll update a post on that soon. So as I was saying earlier, I was confused also with BB Creams and CC Creams so I googled it up, and found that CC Creams are for Care and Correcting while BB Creams are like a light foundation.

So I compared Maybelline's BB Cream and CC Cream, which I should have uploaded a picture to describe, but yet no picture, so this means I just have to do another blogpost for the BB Cream. So before that happens, let me just elaborate a little on my little experiment with those 2 products. I found that the BB Cream has a skin tone colour just like our foundations, only that it's lighter to use, while CC Creams are like rosy pink in colour, just like our day cream. But the texture of both of these creams is just the same. I don't know about other brands, cause this is the first ever CC Cream for me.

As seen in the picture above, it creates an instant whitening effect. But that's on the hands, what will it look like applied to the face? Well, I did a mini experiment on this too. One side I used the CC Cream and one side without. 

And the effects are just amazing. It brightens my skin one tone lighter and it makes my look completely natural. It suits with Maybelline's Tagline #NoMoreTouchUp. For the past month, I have been using this several of times as my routine to class. I usually like the naked look when going to school, so I used this CC Cream with Maybelline's New Youk White Superfresh Cake Powder and the effect is just stunning. I didn't need more touch ups cause my skin already looks good.

And even with light makeup, this CC Cream does seem to do the job. I'm actually really impressed with the CC Cream cause I normally wouldn't wear makeup for regular days, but using this now is just a must. It's like a new personalized whitening day cream.
So far there is nothing I don't like about this product. I should get more of these.

Till then peeps!


  1. Looking good babe!! Flawless and natural


  2. the 2nd last pic is paling lawa :p

  3. Ni xsabar nk review juga CC cream ni.. hihi.. cantik mira.. 😊

  4. What about girls who don't wear tudung? Won't the whitening effect be too obvious when compared to the neck? =(

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  5. Good review. Have u tried the aura cc cream from the face shop?


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