20 April 2015

Review: Natta Cosme Cerro Qreen 10 Pieces Brush Set

Name: Natta Cosme Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set (Black & White)
Price: RM75.90 (RM60.72 Natta Cosme)
Colours Available: Pink, Green, Black, Red

Material: Goats Hair
Powder Brush 
Blush Brush 
Foundation Brush 
Fan Brush
Eye Shadow Brush (Large )
Eye Shadow Brush (Small )
Eyebrow Brush
Modifying Pen 
Eyelash Brush 
Lip Brush 

Availability: Natta Cosme (Purchase)

Hey peeps!
As promised here is Cerro Qreens Brush set review.
So before this I have reviewed Cerro Qreens Brushes Professional Brush Set 5pcs which I said I loved to carry along for travelling since its small and packed. There is no doubt that Cerro Qreen Brushes could do their job very well and help to create the perfect look we want too.

For this 10 pieces brush set it includes all the basic brushes a girl shall need for a complete look. What I love most is their pouch, its just sweet and simple and its not a hassle to carry around. It is also spongy and soft which will help not taking much space in our bags. If the 5pcs of  Professional Brush Set I used for travelling, this brush set is just suitable for everyday use or even when you have to attend an event but you won't be able to get your makeup on at home. Its just perfect to carry for an occasion which you have to look your best.

Talking about the brushes included, its from goats hair so Muslims there are no complications for you to use this.  And it works smoothly with the skin and it holds together pretty nice, so there won't be any, strands of hair or whatever you call it, sticking onto your face when you have your makeup done.

Another thing what I love are the colour of the brushes which are black and wood, it looks really nice on my makeup table. I have been using these brushes ever since and cleaning them are super easy without having to put much effort in it. Don't they look beautiful?

And here is another thing I was curious about, I was figuring out what was this brush used for since I have never seen a brush this type, then I found out it was for the lips it gave me a big laugh. Then I looked closely and yes it was a lip brush, only the cover confused me for a while.

You girls would have already known that I was using these brushes for my latest makeup video. Overall I find these brushes just a quality as the expensive one, its a good starter brush for those who are still new into makeup just like me. These brushes are half the price you could get for those expensive ones, which I would recommend for beginners. Each girl should at least have one makeup brush set even though you don't wear makeup. It will come in handy some day. Trust me!

For those who didn't watched my video yet, here is the link.

And of course there will be a treat for you in every post Natta Cosme sponsors. Here is a RM6 discount for you to purchase items for Mothers Day which is coming up really soon. Hurry while this coupon is still valid.

Till then peeps!


  1. Haha nice babe! I purchased this set as my first set like last year and still using them especially the powder brush :)


  2. Good one mira ! hi puterymemory here .Love beauty with brain like you

  3. nice.... ni yg nk complete kn brush set yg ade

  4. price pun okay utk dptkan full set brush mcm ni


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