08 April 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution I Am In Love Palette

Name: Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup I Am In Love
Price: RM49.00 

Includes: 9 Shimmer and Matte Eyeshadows
1 Lipstick
Availability: Makeup Revolution (Purchase)

More Info:
Makeup Revolution Malaysia (Facebook)
Makeup Revolution Website

Good Morning peeps!
I'm baccckkkkk.. 
Again I'm super sorry for letting my blog dusty. I know I keep saying I'll try to update regularly, but its so hard with to much commitment on me. But still, this is what I love to do, and no matter how busy I am I will always find some time for my blog.
Anyways, lets get to the main purpose of this blogpost shall we?

So Makeup Revolution is getting more and more familiar within Malaysia, and its not a shock cause they really offer great products which the price are so much cheaper than what we find in the stores. If your familiar with Makeup Revolution you must know that they have really cool names for the palettes they sell, one of them is I Am In Love Palette.

If you remembered a few weeks back I suppose, I uploaded a video in collaboration with Fayre Network to do a look which was The Sweetheart Look. So I wanted to create a look that used only one palette, so if you guys want to do that kind of look also, it will be much more easier since you have everything you need in one palette.

At first I wanted to use The Makeup Geek Palette from Makeup Revolution since they have all the colours for every type of look, but since my focus was on The Sweetheart Look and more specifically, the look for THE FIRST DATE, I thought I have to look for a palette that is more focused on that. So then I found the I Am In Love Palette. And the name fits perfectly well with the theme I was doing. So yeah, this palette is a perfect YES for the look I created.

If you missed my post on that, you could have a look here

As you can see, this palette includes 6 shades, 2 Matte and 4 Shimmer. The colours they have are so showing you are in love, with soft pink and brown shades, its just the perfect combination. Usually for dates or first dates, a girls approach is never to put on so much makeup, but at the same time you have to create a look that brings out your girly side so you colud look pretty and sweet at the same time. I honestly think that the colours for this palette are just perfect. I have been using this palette for my dates ever since, cause they have colours that are suitable for day dates and night dates, short dates and dates which I just wanna look simple as ever. It has the perfect colour for each date occasion. LOL

And of course it could be used to any other kinds of looks as well. I'm just saying from my part, caue the colours are just so soft.

When swatched out, the colours are so creamy and pigmented. I love all the colours till I don't know which one I love the most. There is just one thing I'm not so pleased about is the lipstick. When swatched, the colour of the lipstick seems so perfect for the look I wanted to create. But when I applied it to my lips it became so dull and I look so pale. I have dark lips, so this lipstick failed to overcome its duties with people with much darker lips. So I had to use a different lipstick for the lips.
Plus, I didn't quite like the texture of the lipstick, its a bit hard and not that moist. It felt really dry applying it.
But overall, I'm satisfied with the palette since the colours they have in there are just awesome. It could really show that your in love. HAHA

Till then peeps!


  1. I'm in love with your looks! Haha love it babe..


  2. Wow!! Pretty! Should grab this one for my anual dinner.

  3. hold on... i'm confused. The lipstick follow your blood color. atau colour tu mmg cam tu

    1. No konah it does not follow your blood colour. For me the colour is nice, but when I applied to my lips it didn't turn out great. I think cause my lips are dark

  4. It looks really pretty on you! Their lipsticks are matte but mine was alright


    1. Thank you Isabel. If the lipstick works on you than I feel that the reason why it didn't work on me cause my lips are dark.


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