17 April 2015

Review: L'Oreal Paris Lucent Light-Infusing Foundation

Name: L'Oreal Paris Lucent Light-Infusing Foundation 
Price: RM54.80 

Shade: N7 Pure Bronze
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hey peeps!
Do you guys remember a few months ago I won a few of L'Oreal Products for a contest? Well this item was included in one of them. I saw this foundation for ages on shelves at pharmacies but kept on doubting to buy it. So when I recieved this as a gift I was than merrier to have it in my collection.

So the shade I got here is N7 Pure Bronze which I find is a match with me. They have like another 5 different shades of I'm not mistaken which covers from the lightess to the darkess.

This liquid foundation comes also includes SPF20 which will already help to protect the skin from the sun but still I always make sure to apply my day cream before any makeup on.
The packaging for this looks very elegant and classy compared from their true match foundation, but the prices of these two foundations are almost the same.
So I have been using this several times already for the past couple of months and guess what, I don't quite like it, but I'm still using it.

As you can see, it covers up really well and gives full coverage to the skin. There's no denying the lightweight feel when applied and its gives a really nice complection.
What I don't like is after long hours and using it outdoors. I have noticed, if I use this indoors which I may not sweat much, the foundation does a really nice job. It creates a nice smooth look.
But when I used it to attend events where I run about here and there, it makes my skin patched up at the end of the day. I could see my face like patched where certain areas got foundation and certain areas don't have. It looks really messy that I didn't blend in my foundation properly.
When I sweat it becomes really oily and I don't like the way it makes my skin look like. So since then I could not use this foundation outdoors anymore. I only use it when I want to do beauty looks at home and shoot photo's of myself, cause it seems to have serving its purpose towards that direction.

So overall, I might not recommend this for people with oily skin like me, you'll be heartbroken with the results after a long busy day. But still, I still love how nice the coverage is.

Till then peeps!

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