10 April 2015

Review: Ephyra Skinbar, Before and After Photos

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So if you know me, you would know that I am not the type to use just any product for my skin. Even though the product is tested to be good and all, but my skin is kinda sensitive which will cause either my skin to get worse or have no change at all. So that's why usually for skincare reviews I will do a review behalf of another person so you guys would be able to see the effect.
But for this review, I wanted to try it out myself since its a collagen as well.

So this product called the Ephyra Skinbar is a new product from Ephyra which before this, they sold collagen drinks that were pretty famous among instagrammers and the internet. They still have that product so don't worry and go check them out.

If you missed my previous blogpost, its better if you read it first before you proceed to this one.
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Soooo.. if you read my previous post you would know exactly what is the Ephyra SkinBar
Maybe let me list down again the important stuff.

Name: Ephyra Skin Bar Collagen 
Price: RM39.00 (Exclude Postage)

Usage Purpose:
• Moisturizes the skin and boost radiance
• Skin becomes brighter, smoother and firmer
• Removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells
• Treats acne prone skin
• Eliminates acne scars, wrinkles and pigmentation
• Eliminates 'blackheads' in advance
• The ability to eliminate body odor
• Suitable for the whole body

How to Use:
1. Wash your face with water
2. Rub Ephyra Skin Bar with your palms
3. Gently massage your face for 2-3 minutes
4. Rinse and apply moisturizer on the skin
Availability: www.oceanlife2u.com 
Facebook : oceanlife2u
Instagram : @ephyraskin
Contact : 019-3800779

I was tempted to try out this skinbar myself since it was made from Natural Ingredients and it promises to eliminates blackheads which I so have problems with.
So for a month a tried out this product. This is a cleansing soap for the face and body, since I received two of these skinbars I split them into two and used one for my face and one for my body. 
What do you think the results would be?
Below are the Before and After Pictures using this product.

So what difference could you see besides me getting much more fatter? Honestly speaking I could say that I look pretty much the same right? I'm not gonna lie here, I look just the same before and after, but I don't feel the same before and after. Do you know what I mean?
I could say that physically the Ephyra skinbar did not do much work on me since I don't have much problems with my face. The only problem I have are blackheads at my nose area. Pimples are normal during my age, it comes and goes, so I don't really care about getting rid of my pimples cause they don't stay long.
So the question is did my blackheads fade away? Well I'll answer that later.
First I'll tell you that I feel different after using this Skinbar. I feel totally refreshed. My faces feels awesome the whole day and it instantly boosts up my confidence for that day. Its like it completely removes the dirt and stickiness of oil on my face after a long busy day. My skin is also smoother but I'm not sure if its brighter. I just see my skin tone the same as usual.

So back to the question about my blackheads, did it remove it completely? The answer is no. I still have blackheads at my stubborn areas but its lesser than before. Not gone completely even though I hoped it would be.

For the body, it does eliminate odour and gives you instant freshness to the skin. I tried a day without having to use deodorant on a busy day, when it was the middle of the day I asked my friends either I smelled funny or there was an unpleasant smell coming from me, they said nothing. I just smell the same, and take note I don't wear any perfume.

Hence, this will surely save me if I forget to use my deodorant in the morning. But I'm not sure if this will work with all people, cause some peoples body odours are much more stronger. So for this fact, I think it depends on the person itself.

Overall, I would say that I could keep using this as my skincare routine since I love the sensation it gives my skin after used, but I still have to find a solution for my blackheads cause it looks hideous. No matter what product I use, it only ables to remove a fraction of it and it doesn't last long, I have to keep changing products for this problem.

There is just only one thing that I don't like about the Ephyra Skinbar. Is that its in a form of bar instead of foam. I'm not used to using bars since I find it difficult to place and I hate the look of an unclean bar which is soggy. So using a soap bar again caused me a little bit of trouble adjusting so maybe in the future who knows there will be in a foam form.

If your interested in using this product, you could get the Ephyra Skinbar here:
Availability: www.oceanlife2u.com 
Facebook : oceanlife2u
Instagram : @ephyraskin
Contact : 019-3800779

They don't sell it at pharmacies or drugstores. 
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