09 April 2015

Review: Chulip Lip Balms All Flavours

Name: Mentholatum ChuLip Balms
Price: RM25.90 each

Paris, Perfect Memories
NY, Brilliant My Way
Arabian, Floral Shower
Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia

Usage Purpose: Moisturizes the lips
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hey peeps!
How was your day so far? So seeing ChuLips, what product do you think of? I'm sure you have seen a product almost familiar to this, but this product is from Mentholatum. I am very sure that you guys are familiar with this brand since this company specialises in Lip Balms.

My first impression on chulips were that it was supur duper cute. All of the Lip Balms I own are in sticks, but for this one it looks like a small rambutan without the hair. HAHA... 
Okay joking, but with the lips on front its so cute!

ChuLips has just arrived in Malaysia with four colours available right now. There are two more colours which are blue and yellow but its only sold in Japan for now. So high hopes for Malaysians to get those to colours here in Malaysia.

So what I have now are just the four main colours they sell in Malaysia. Which are Paris, Perfect Memories, NY, Brilliant My Way, Arabian, Floral Shower and Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia. Each ChuLip has their own flavour and scent. But each and everyone is cute. I feel so happy that I have the full collection to show off.

Even the packagings are cute. Cuteness all over. If I was still in school I'll be showing of these completely. I don't know now if school kids are still into Lip Balms or they are already into lipsticks. During my time, all the girls would be carrying around Lip Balms to school and show off. HAHA...

So which one is my favourite from all of these? You guessed it. Its the green one, Fancy Nostalgia. I love the scent better than the others and it feels minty and cool when applied. The feel doesn't last long actually but I don't know why I keep on applying it to my lips. Maybe cause its different than the other lips balms I'ved used before.

Don't you think they almost look like Rambutans like this? LOL

Overall I have nothing much to say about these LipBalms except that they are super cute and unique. And if you see them boring for you, you could always pimp them like I did.

Till then peeps


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