19 April 2015

#MiraLooks 6: Fancy Dinner Date Look

Hey peeps!
So finally I created another look, it took me almost a month for this project cause my schedule was really hectic. I had to steal time most of the time. 
So the Fancy Dinner Date Look? Well this look was inspired by a friend of mine.
The story goes like this, she was gonna have her birthday last month and she was so excited cause she said that this birthday was gonna be special since her boyfriend is taking her to a fancy restaurant. So since she expected a special occasion she wanted to look fit for the ocassion but not going to overboard. She didn't know what look she was suppose to go for, and even for me I had a hard time suggesting the right look for her. So in the end she hired a makeup artist to do her makeup for that night. And in the end she said, she went overboard. LOL... Girls will always be girls right.

So when I received the Urban Decay Spring Collection that I won from Emily Quaks instagram contest, I instantly was inspired to create this look since the colors I recieved are just a perfect match. The strength of this look goes to the eyes and matched with a soft pink nude lip colour. 
So from my perspective, this look could go both ways either for a fancy dinner with your boyfriend or also for a special occasion or for both at the same time. What do you think?

And here is a video below on how I created this look. Beware, perasaaann punya contents included. HAHA

Then?? What's in your mind? Does the look really suite the theme?
Let me know cause that's the way I could improve.
Anyways, as you could see in the video, there are a couple of products that are sent to me for review purposes.
I will publish a blogpost for each item within this week for all the products I have used for this video.
I hope you guys got inspired by this and would really appreciate it if you have any suggestions for me to improve. Thanks so much peeps!

Till then!


  1. so cantek la dear suka!!i subcribe to ur channel!!lovely video!

  2. Cantikkkk! Sesuai dgn miraaa!

    1. Thanks Scha.. but I have a lot more to learn


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