11 April 2015

Air Asia's Escape Room #AABCHangout

Hye Peeps!
So 2 weeks back I was invited to attend Air Asia's AABC Hangout for the first time. The event was held at Escape Room Berjaya Times Square. Air Asia took a really great effort to gather a massive bunch of bloggers together to have fun! I was stunned to see a really big crowd of blogger when I arrived.

Since it has been 4 years I blogged and called myself a blogger, of course I made some friends along the way, so there were bloggers I personally knew and they were some I knew but never spoken too and there were some that I just knew during that event. I think my tounge kinda got glued that day, seeing so much popular bloggers all around, I kinda felt that I didn't belong. Hehe.. 

Just luckily my teammates are the people I'm really familiar with. Penabarkala and Maha Mahu which I have teamed up a couple of times before, so I was happy that I got a group with them to play the games. We didn't win but we had much fun, I was so wishing that they could give prizes for each category cause my group might just haved walked away with something for the drawing game. We got all pictures guessed correctly, we just made the perfect team for the game. LOL 

For my team we got the Safari Jungle for the Escape Room game. There was a total of 9 rooms altogether at Berjaya Times Square. I was hoping for The Alice in Wonderland room but my hands wasn't lucky while drawing for the rooms. The Safari Jungle room was a mission in the jungle where we had to find the hidden treasure. This was not my first experience playing the Escape Room, but their games ain't that simple, you have to think outside the box and creatively to get the other clues. They give you a time limit for the game, but no worries they give you 3 chances to ask for help. 

The game was interesting but it was also hard as well, so we took a whole lot of time untill we got to escape and that was with help of course. HAHA
We thought we lost already when we escaped, but it seems that there were other groups that are still trapped inside their rooms. While waiting for the others to finish the games, we were served lunch.

Finally the time that everyone was waiting for. The winners announcement. There was a tie of three groups so they had to play a game for the tie breaker. The game was a puzzle game and not only them was confused, even all of us was confused as well.

Honestly, seeing all these bloggers gathering made me feel really fun, cause everyone shared the same passion. It was like a really big gathering for bloggers.

So a big applause to Air Asia cause the created a really great event. And also Air Asia is now selling their new merchandise which are cute kids T-Shirts which looks like a pilots uniform. For the boys, its the white shirt and for the girls is the red shirt. 

And here are the winners, they won tickets flights for 2 each! OMG! So lucky of them. 

This day was fun, surely hope that there would be more in the future. Thank you Air Asia!

Till then peeps!


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    1. Nanti kan kita jalan jalan sama sama

  2. kisahtatie agak comel sedikit muka dia ehehehe. lama tak jumpa dia

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