26 March 2015

Tips Spending and Shopping Online

Good Morning peeps!
So who here loves shopping online?
I bet most of you people nowadays prefer online right since its easy and simple. Online banking surely has some kind of sorcery which makes people nowadays to shop more. But with GST coming how do you feel about that? Are you willing to pay so much on shopping after this? Or you'll be more on a tight budget?

But usually, no matter how hard we try to save up, we end up loosing to our desires once in a while. Every human being has this kind of feeling so don't pressure yourself too much. So during these kinds of times, all you need to do is a little bit of research and compare prices so your sure that your purchacing with the best offer you could get.

BUT its hard right? Going in the internet, jumping from one site to another to compare prices ain't that simple, and it takes loads of time. Don't even try mentioning going from store to store. Nowadays time is money, money is precious and everyone seems to be really fussy with it. So a solution to all your shopping problems is a site called iprice.

What is iprice?
They are the one stop online shopping destination in South East Asia. They assist customers so that they can shop with a peace of mind knowing that everything they need is under one site. They provide product information about different brands as well as offer coupon codes and discounts up to 70% that are collected from their affliates such as Zalora, Lazada, Banana Republic, Romwe and many more.

Interesting right?
They have created a site where all the best offers from all of these sites above will be shown just under one page and will be linked directly to their affiliates sites to purchase the item.

As an example from the picture above, I'm looking for a handbag, and iprice combines all the best deals together from various sites and put it all in one. So you can compare its price and find what you are looking for most easily. Not only that, they also combine coupons and discount vouchers under one page.

From here you will never miss out on an offer ever. The best deals are all compiled together. So from there you will know which is the best deal for you.
Thanks to iprice I managed to get myself a wardrobe with a really good offer. Now I got my eyes on an Induction Cooker which the price is unbelievable, I'm gonna do some shopping now.
Why won't you?
Head down to http://iprice.my/shop/ and start shopping

Till then peeps.

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