10 March 2015

Shoutout! Glam Hijab Fashion & Beauty Festival at Menara Felda

Calling all fashion lovers!
This is a treat for you, at the end of May this year there will be a big festival celebrating Glam Hijab, Fashion & Beauty.
1 million visitors are estimated to attend this festival from Malaysia and our neighbouring countries.

Annnnnnd for the first time ever, Menara Felda will be open to public!
Getting excited yet? Wait till you hear that some local artists will also be performing there.
Who? To be revealed soon. 

So make sure your kept updated.

The theme and the concept for this festival is "Seni Melayu" and this a great opportunity for you to catch some traditional Malay performances like Gamelan and etc. For those of you who haven't seen these kinds of performances before, it might just catch your heart. "A true performing arts fan here!"

Obviously this is a hijab festival, so there will be plenty of hijabs to choose from. 
Prepare to get crazy shopping hijabs on that day cause many of your popular hijab stores will be participating! Wohoooooo... The sale must be crazy I assume.

Not enough with hijabs, there will also be booths for health, fashion, accessories, handbags and a lot more. Expect to be expected with the unexpected cause they are gathering all the popular brands that are familiar with muslim womens.

So beauties, prepare your purses cause you sure don't wanna miss out on these kinds of festivals! All that you need at one place. Just don't drop dead yet.

So if you are also doing business in this field, its not to late to participate as well.
Take this opportunity also to expand your business cause publicity will be done massively at the mass media.
Price of booth starts from RM2000 for 2 days
3meter x 2meter
For bookings, contact Miss Zalikha 011-23327191
For more info head down to https://www.facebook.com/glamhifab
Till then peeps!


  1. Wahhhhh awesome things just making their way here!!! Thanks for sharing Mira!!! Definitely a regret to miss this! <3

  2. I wish I could go! I wish they would do things like this near me here in the US, but people here have such a negative connotation on the hijab I'm afraid to wear one. I live in the south, a place that isn't exactly known for their acceptance of other cultures, so I live in fear of even mentioning where my ancestors are from.

    If you go, take lots of pictures if you can! I wanna see all of the lovely styles!

    1. I totally feel you Vonnie, why not come to Malaysia someday?! You will love it here.

  3. bestnya kalau dpt pergi! mcm2 fesyen hijabista ada tu kan nanti..

    Jemput jenguk ietams yerr


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