10 March 2015

Review: Tri-Gold Eyecare

Name: Legacy Tri-Gold Eye Care
Price: RM45.00 (WM)
RM 49.00 (EM)
Exclude Postage
Promotion: 3 Bottles RM120

Usage Purpose:
Health Drinking Formula to cure short-sightedness, eye problems and etc
Helps brighten the eyes 
 Have high antioxidant contents
Protect the eyes from radiation deficiencies
Beautify eyes and eliminate dark circles under the eyes
Form: Liquid
How to use: 1 big spoon, 2 times daily after meal

Hello peeps!
So today lets talk about eyecare.
So who here are shot-sighted? Wear spectacles?
Have you ever wished that you don't have to wear speactacles? Who ever wished like this your the same with me.
Once upon a time I thought wearing spectacles was really awesome, I imagined in my head that I looked educated and smart. HAHAHAHA.. 
But having spectacles doesn't make you smart at all unless your just smart. Got that? No? Never mind. LOL

Anyways, I started wearing spectacles at a very young age, I think at 10 years old. I became like this also because of the factor of my genetics. It runs in the family, almost all the members in my family are short-sighted. I got excited wearing spectacles for just a couple of years, but when I started to grow up I kinda wanted to not wear them anymore, but I can't. I can't see at all without them. My sister on the other still can see, so she sometimes doesn't wear them. But for me sadly I can't.

This became a problem for me cause at certain times I don't want to wear my spectacles, especially when I'm having on my makeup. Everything will just be hidden under my sepactacles then. So I'll have to waer contact lenses. That's a solution, but I don't quite like wearing them much cause I still cannot see clearly. My eyes are really actually in a bad condition. So that's why I still prefer wearing my spectacles even though I wish I won't have too.

So then I heard about this eyecare product called Tri-Gold and I was like, this seems great. I just have to try this out. If my eyes are cured I don't have to wear spectacles anymore.

This eyecare product is in a liquid form where it has to be taken a spoonful daily. It contains so much goodness in a botol which is made from multiple fruit extracts and herbs.
It is said that this eyecare treatment could cure short sightedness, reduces the sight of dark circles under the eyes, relieves watery and itchy eyes and many more.

For the each original Tri-Gold bottle, they have a scan bar, so make sure when you purchase this, it is  the original one.

So here is a litlle more extra info about Tri-Gold

1. Lutein 1:00
2. Extract Bilberry 1:00 
3. Sunflower seed extract 1:00 
4. Carrot Extract 1:00 
5. Tomato Extract 1:00 
6. Broccoli Extract 1:00 
7. Elderberry Extract 1:00 
8. Apple Extract 1:00 
9. Others 92.00

Lutein serves to protect visual function , prevent cataracts and strengthens the retina

Bilberry Extract is used to overcome vascular disorders and diseases of the eye because it contains an active substance called anthocynosides or better known as antioxidants. 
Sunflower Seed Extract is an excellent source of vitamin E and acts as an antioxidant

Carrot Extract works to brighten the eyes also helps strengthen immunity, improve digestion, normalizes metabolism 

Tomato Extract act to reduce dark circles under the eyes

Broccoli Extract has several nutrients such as vitamin A,B,C,K, and minerals such as calcium, iron also act to maintain eye health 

Elderberry extract works to treat eye blurred

Apple Extract function is to provide eye health and vision

If I'm breastfeeding, can I drink?
Can, no problem, Trigold is safe for the baby and the mother. 
It contains herbs and fruits only 

I'm pregnant, can drink?
Yes, No problem.

A bottle can last how long?
It could hold 10-12 days depending on usage. 

Honestly I have only tried this for less than a week now. I don't know if my power has decreased or not cause my vission is still blurry. Maybe I'll finish up the bottle and then only I'll post up my opinion about this product in my instagram acount maybe.
And the taste of Tri-Gold ain't so bad, I could get it down my throat with ease. I'm not sure how to describe how it tastes.
Anyways, I hope after this I'll say bye bye to my spectacles, cause having them on is such a fuss. Plus I wanna always look good even on my lazy days where I'll put on the lazy hijab style. Don't ever imagine how I look like on that day cause my spectacles make me look more worse. LOL

So my testimony is no good yet, still need a bit more time.
So before that lets hear about other peoples testimony okay.

So what do you think?
Why not get a bottle and try it out yourself.
Till then peeps!


  1. Huishhh nak juga! Mata ena ni makin teruk dah rasa. Silau pun dah makin tinggi. Nak try ni, produk LS memang terbaik!

    1. Itulah kan, makin lama makin rabun

  2. Mira,kita nampak color2 kat lengan mira,wakakakakka :P

  3. Mana boleh dapat di kawasan Penang ?

    1. saya ada jual , whatsapp saya di talian 013 735 0502 (Zuzu)

  4. so, what was the latest result on your eyes?? does it make you feel any better. kindly reply this since i need to convince myself to buy it or not to.

  5. Haiiii... Macam mana condition mataaaaa??? Sbb nak try laa product nii.. Hehe

  6. Hai mira, after a few month ago mcm mn result mata mira, nk testimoni dr mira feedback me ya ..

  7. yes..please update this one..

  8. yes..please update this one..


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