25 February 2015

ShopCoupons Lazada Blogger Contest / Wishlist

Hello people!
So if you haven't heard, ShopCoupons is currently having a blogger contest.

Honestly I have never shopped at Lazada before, but I do stumble across some of their deals that I find really tempting. 
So what will be the top 5 items I will buy there?

The first of my list is just gonna have to be

The Sony Alpha NEX is like the most top rated camera for bloggers. This is like THE camera for bloggers. Like seriously the features of this camera is what all bloggers need. I've been aiming this for a while now. In fact I am planning to buy this, just waiting for my cheque to arrive.
I have not surveyed at the stores yet, but if the price is more expensive than Lazada offers I will surely buy this at Lazada.
Seriously can't wait for this to be mine, got tons of projects in mind for my blog with this camera.

The second item will be

Of course it would be much easy to take photos and selfies using this.  And Lazada selling it for only RM29. So its affordable enough for me. With this, no more me setting timer and running back in position, its tiring you know.

The third item will be

Since currently I'm into making videos for beauty and make up, do you know how hard is it for me to shoot a video. I'm like super duper rabun and placing a mirror just behind my camera is no good since I have to be super duper close to the mirror to be able to see. And if I do that the camera will only be able to shoot my nose. Yeah.. my super big nose which I really want to cover.
Haihhhhh... its hard being a blogger. LOL
At first I was aiming for the normal kind of mirror stand, I don't know the name but it has two sided mirrors as well and the back is magnified.
But then I came across this and said this is way cooler since it has a LED light as well. So when I use this, my face will shine bright like a diamond! HAHA
This is seriously a awesome item for video shooting makeup. I wouldn't even know this item existed if I wasn't going through Lazada's website.
Hooray for Lazada! I am surely getting this mirror.

The forth item will be

Why a fridge all a sudden? Well I was planning to get this mini fridge with my roommates actually. Since I'm still a student and renting, we have this kind of problem where the fridge is always packed!
Have you had this problem before? Like LOLx3, like infinity LOL when your fighting over space in the fridge. Like really fighting.
Renting a house with 10 people, and your fridge is like the 2 door fridge which is the smallest size. Just imagine how packed your fridge wil be. And some of your housemates think like, its okay can put fruits, mask, mineral water and  etc (food which don't even need to be stored in a fridge) all inside the fridge cause other housemates don't mind. (!@#$%^&*)
OMG! I'm with so much anger. HAHA
Okay, forget that. So my roommate one day said, "hey, why not get a mini fridge for ourselves, like find the cheapest of all and then just put it in our bedroom". And I said, "yaaaa... why not, since we're lazy to even go downstairs to the fridge, better have one in the room".
Yeayyyyy... us lazy bums are gonna get a fridge to ourselves. Yeayyyyyyyyyyyy.....
So we found this on Lazada, and planning to buy at the end of this month.

The fifth item will be

OMG! OMG! This is so in my wildest wishlist cause I still don't think I could afford to buy this yet. 
But even though I do afford this, I won't think I'll really use my own money to buy this. Cause the price is way expensive, I could buy another laptop with that price.
But still Lazada is offering the cheapest price of all. So if I changed my mind and have the money I will surely buy it here. This is just like a dream camera for me. The design is just stunning. Maybe I'll add this to my hantaran kahwin. HAHA

So if you guys wanna join this contest too
Head down to ShopCoupon for more deets

You can check out the products at Lazada This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.

Till then peeps, have fun eye popping at Lazada. :p


  1. Amboii!! Wishlist diaaa~~
    Goodluck Mira ;)

    1. haha... opcoz la wishlist. Sebab tak mampu nak beli lagi

  2. Hahaha a camera is a must in wishlist untuk blogging kan! Kalau lah dapat beli sekaligus semua ni..oh heaven!! Btw, Gud luck ya!! ^_^


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