09 February 2015

Review: Maybelline New York White Superfresh Cake Powder

Name: Maybelline New York White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder
Price: RM23.90 (9g)

Usage Purpose: 12H Bright Matte Look & fresh Feel for everyday use
Instant Brightening Effects
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hello peeps!
So here I am again and as promised I'm gonna blog about the products that I used for my previous look. Actually I was gonna post it up this morning but something came up, so I was only able to post it up by tonight. But I'll try my best to keep on posting blogposts in the morning.

If you haven't heard, this Cake Powder has been on the market since last year and if I'm not mistaken it's still Maybelline's current compact powder.
And I have been using this for about 4 to 5 months now if I'm not mistaken cause I had this quite a while.
"Aikkkk????" 4 to 5 months but still tak habits lagi?
Actually this is my secondary compact powder where I leave it at my mother's house. So I usually use it on weekends when I'm back at my mother's house. It was really hard for me to choose which compact powder I really wanted to use cause this Cake powder was also really tempting to use.

So what I have right now is in #03 Natural
I find this to be actually one shade lighter for me, but I don't care much about that since I'm wearing a scarf so people can't see the difference much in shades when my neck is not showing. HAHA

But I find this product really suitable for me to use on the weekends because weekends are lazy days for me. And this Cake Powder helps me look neat when I'm actually looking really sloppy.
Why? Well during the weekends I have errands to take care of, usually my weekend routine is making sure my mum gets all her grocery shopping done and wherever else she needs to go to.

And usually I am so lazy to get dress up all pretty cause my bones and my fats are so lazy to work on that day. LOL ... But I have to get ready cause I'm the only person she counts on to drive her. So as a good daughter I'll get dressed to go out, but I will look so pale and awful without anything on. And my mum hates it when her daughters look miserably bad. But I don't wanna put on to much on my face cause its the weekend and my skin needs rest.

So this is where Maybelline's White Superfresh Cake Powder comes in handy. Just after I applied my day cream, I just apply this and I look neat enough cause it covers up my hideous pores a bit and evens my skin. That's why they use the tagline no more touch ups, cause I don't have to wear any eyeliners or lipstick on top of that. I pat on this and some lip balm and I'm done.

What I'm Loving
The instant brightening effect! It totally seems like I have a new layer of brighter skin applied. LOL
The minty scent of the powder, somehow makes me feel really fresh and have this amazing feeling that I'm just ready to go out. 
The powder is just almost like a foundation since it covers up most of my pores but not entirely thought.
I definitely love the way I look after I got the powder applied, somehow I feel like I'm not wearing anything and I'm just going out with a naked face.
The Mirror! Its big enough to see my whole face in it.
No more touch ups needed!

What I'm NOT Loving
The sponge. Well most of the sponges in any compact powder don't last long don't you agree?
Other than that, NOTHING

So that's all peeps! See you tomorrow then.


  1. Lama2 dah tak sesuai compact powder ni dengan farah :D

    1. Usually macam tu la farah, bila kita dah lama pakai satu product tu, lama2 kita akan jadi imune. So lepas tu dah tak ada kesan dah.


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