07 February 2015

Maybelline's My Sharp Face Contest #MiraLooks 3

Hello Peeps!
How's your weekend so far?
Well I came across Maybelline's #MySharpFace Contest and somehow I feel like I wanted to do something new for my blog.

So last year I received a couple of goodie bags from Maybelline that I won with their Instagram contest and I also purchased some of their products as well.
Now I have quite a number of their products which I would like to share about,

So I took the opportunity for this #MySharpFace contest to be the reason to use all of Maybelline's products all together to creat a sharp face look.

And I have selected all the products below

So as you can see I have the complete set from the eyes to the lips.
These are just some of the items I selected for the look.

I am gonna start blogging about each product one by one with one blogpost each.
You can also see on my menu bar I have also included a tab for Maybelline, which I plan to update more of their products also. Cause I have so much items from them. 
So maybe for this month you'll see me updating more on make-up than I usually do. 

Annnddddd... Well I'm not so confident about myself actually cause I'm still new in makeup but I so wanna do this. Do what? Well this

"Okay tutup muka sekarang" I'm like super duper segan right now. 
Mesti other Beauty Bloggers will say wtf are you doing right? HAHA
So sorry if this video was no good, and I don't even dare to say this is a tutorial since what I'm doing is also cincai. And I'm still in the process of learning. This is also my first time doing a video such as this and I'm aware of how much I lack.

And yeahh.. The background is a win right? HAHA.. Sorry but I don't have anywhere else to shoot the video except at my rented house in Shah Alam.
Biasalah rumah bujang, what do you expect? And I'm still a student, can't afford to spend much on home items yet. But I think I've spent most on my money there actually. HAHA

Annddd so sorry for the bad shots as well. Cause I'm using a compact camera without no tripod. I can't see the heck I'm doing cause I don't have contact lenses and I'm super rabun. It was so hard for me to see, I really needed to get really up close to the mirror. That's why I couldn't focus on the camera much. 

Anyways, what do you think? I really wanna hear honest opinions, And I know I must have voided some of the makeup rules. Will for sure learn more in the future.

So that all peeps. Till then!


  1. Replies
    1. OMG! Pengsan tengok Wiida yang comment. Malunyaaaaa... Mira dah la selalu tengok video Wiida, rasa segan gila youtubers hebat tengok

  2. oiiii,okay la tu mira,onie replay 3 kali hokayyyyy..... good job babe :D

    1. HAHAHAHAHA... tak payah nak replay sangatlah Onie, mengarut je aku banyak

  3. fuyooo power kot. Dah berani buat video. Bilalah nak berani buat video ni? hahaha.

    good luck miraaa!

    1. Kehkeh.. actually tak berani mana pun, mengigil jugak nak tekan button upload tu. Scha try jugaklah, kita sama2 try berani

  4. great! baru sempat nak tengok video mira ^_^ well done!

  5. haha..omai..comey sgt nih mira!


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