01 February 2015

L'Oreal Paris The Brush Contest

Hello peeps!
So this is just gonna be a short post.
A shoutout to All Malaysia's Makeup Artist this is just something great for you.

L'Oreal Paris is searching for the 1st worldwide next L'Oréal Paris Makeup Artist.
Annnddd the winner will win a contract worth 100k euros (approximately RM400k)! 

OMG!!! Pengsan!

They are looking for an inspired makeup artist who is ready to unleash their imagination, create breathtaking looks and become part of the L’Oréal Paris Makeup Designer team. 

Do you think you have what it takes?

Contest submission ends 12 February 2015!

So how to enter?
Simple! Just create a Makeup Tutorial Video.
But make sure to follow the Golden rules in the vid below

So... will I be joining?
HAHA... I wish! 
So for more deets check it out here
Till then peeps!

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