20 February 2015

L'Oreal Paris The Brush Contest My Submission

Goood Morning Everyone!!!!
And Happy Chinese New Year also to all my Chinese readers.
Got loads of angpows yet? I got one. LOL

Anyways, so today I'm gonna share about behind the scene for L'Oreal's Brush Contest Video
OMG! You just wouldn't believe how I felt when I was proposed to do a video for this contest. As you all may not that I am not much of a makeup artist which I could do many looks. I actually still new with makeup and of course still in the exploring phase. So when I was asked to do a video I was like.... Whatttt??? Seriouslayyyyy??? LOL... Almost cried, just don't ask how much goosebumps I had when I finally made the decision.

Half of me said, no don't do it, your gonna make a fool of yourself. But half of me said, just do it, this opportunity don't come easily, maybe you'll get more great future projects. Thank goodness the L'Oreal team was so patient with me and really supportive. So in the end I got myself together and just tried out. Trust me, I almost had a mental breakdown thinking to participate or not.

So here I am at their studio, just imagine that time I was surrounded by all makeup students. MAKEUP STUDENTS!!! I felt like nak putting my head in a box that time, I tried to act calm but inside I was like nervously insane. I kept a positive mind, and that went me going.

So you could see I already applied my base before I started shooting. And I also did my brows earlier, so that made it more easier for me, plus I don't want people to see how hard I try to make my eyebrows match. LOL

So then I started, you can see the pictures below

Just look at the mess I made after shooting! HAHA... The reason why this happened because I didn't plan what I should use, I just had a rough idea in my head. The rest came spontaneously when the camera was rolling, and the was not cut to it also, so I had to think fast.

So in the end the results came out like this.

The theme was clash of colours. That's why I picked out this scarf to wear, if my makeup failed at least there was still some clashes of colours in my picture. LOL... Okay not funny.
My colour option was so limited actually, I just realised that I don't own a single pallet with bright colours, all of it were bright ones. And L'Oreal's pallets are mostly for smokey eyes. So what I had to do was combine what I have and select the bright colours out.
In the end it was a mixture of pink, gold light blue and electric blue. 
I used BE Creative pink eyeshadow, Makeup Revolutions Go Pallet for gold and L'Oreal's Smokey Eye Pallet for the light blue and their Gelmatic Pen in blue for the liner.

I know clashes of colours must have like really difference in colour, but I kinda blended it all in a kind of a soft look right? Haha.. So I say that I am not that brave enough yet. Maybe give me another one or two years before I dare to go for outrageous looks. But for now I think this will do. What do you think? Cause I seriously ain't even dreaming to be selected as top 30. 

For me having this kind of experience is just enough. At least I learnt something along the way.
So where is the video then?
Well L'Oreal's team had already edited it nicely for me, but I wanted to add in my style in the video since I'm participating in the contest, so I added in a little bit of music and included some pictures as well. Cause I still have a loads of minutes left before I reach 3 minutes.
So here it is...

So that's it, all the fuss is for this video.
But I sure had fun that day, eventhough I was full f mixed feelings

And say hye everyone here is Michelle from the L'Oreal team.
She is just super sweet.

So that's all peeps, I'm kinda in a rush right now. 
Later then!


  1. Rindunye nk singgh bloh mira comey lotey nie...asyik bz keje je..nk jln2 kat blog org pun xsempt...cantiknye rainbow makeup mata tu...ad can tu nk dpt top 30..insyaAllah..

    1. Hahaha... Tak mengharap pun nak masuk top 30. Btw patutlah lama tak nampak iqa, bila nak blog? Rindu blog iqa jugak

  2. this experience makes you closer to your dreams, every decisions we make make us wiser. there is nothing to lose, taking steps toward your dream is brave act! congratulations


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