26 January 2015

Spa Beauty Regime with TBP Christmas Box.

Hello peeps!

Remember that I have recieved a big beauty box from The Butterfly Project last christmas?
Well I have blogged most of the items in the box already.
Now it's time for the SPA goodies.

So if you guys had miss my previous post, 
Here is the link below

Okay, so this post is gonna be a short one.
I think so. LOL
So lets start shall we.

The first item is the L'Occitane hand cream.
This one I found rather nice since the design is nice.
Well honestly I don't use L'Occitane products much because its kinda pricey.

I'm sorry but I'm not sure about the price of it either.
In fact I'm not sure of the price of all the items below.
So sorry peeps, no price for today's post.

Okay, back to topic!
The L'Occitane Hand Cream is just suitable for travelling since its small and compact.
What I love is the packaging, it looks so sweet.
And the tube makes it easy to scale how much to use.
But, I don't quite like the scent.
But my sister does, sorry but I'm not the type that favours a lot of scent.
That's why I don't wear perfume.
But the hand cream is very moist, my hand went instantly soft.
Now my sister keeps it in her handbag. And she won't give it back to me.

There was Matrix Biolage in the box as well
But it was for colured hair, which I certainly do not have.
As you all know already,
I have a shampoo range which I already love so I didn't use this shampoo
Instead, I just left it at home for my family members to use.
And what I love is that the scent is just remarkablely nice.
Its like a soft sweet smell which I cannot describe.
Plus my sister says her hair feels good with this shampoo.

This is the first time I have heard about always 21 so obviously this is my first product from them.
It feels the same as any other gel mist, but the scent is unique.
The scent is acceptable and somehow makes it feel more refreshed.
Still I'm not using this product, I gave it to my sister
I she's like heavenly spraying at her face
Macam cerita korea katanya

The face mask are just so awesome!
The thing that I really needed for a SPA
Coming home from work is really tiring and these masks really helped to calm me.
My skin also felt greater than ever,
Since my skin is dehydrated, these hydration masks are such a big saviour.
Loving it to the max!

So this ease cleanser is not originally in the box
I won this for the best group prize
I'm not using this product either, I gave it to my sister to use.
This is also my first time recieving an esse product and the gel is so thick.
The scent smells like mint and after use makes the face really really refreshed.
I think I'll be using this product if I haven't found my skin regime yet.

And this is the best one of all!
GLAMGLOW babies!
Wohooo... Really wanted to try this one out.
Punyalah sayang, I haven't tried it yet, I'm thingking to do another post just for this.
And all be comparing GlamGlow Supermud and Thirstymud
So wait yaaa..
Besides this wasn't originally in the box either.
It was given for the first 30 butterflies who made payment early I think.

So that's all peeps
Wait for my next post yaaaa...


  1. Good review! It would be even better if you can include the price for each of the items you posted. Easier for those who are reading about it. Anyway, nice and good quality pictures you got here.

    1. Usually I do include the prices, but this time I have no idea how much these cost since its a gift

  2. Untungnye jadi your sister, semua bende boleh jadikan harga. ngeh ngeh ngeh~

    1. LOL, adik2 biasalah, mesti ada yang mengicak

  3. Mira i dapat hand cream Esse.. I thought everyone got the same thing.. :P


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