18 January 2015

Scribbledydum's 2015 Look!

Fuhhhh... Finally!
I think this has been the longest blog makeover that I have ever done.
It almost took about a month.
Well of course I tak hadap design ni hari hari since I'm on Practical Training.
So I just managed to do editing on stolen time.

So here it is.
The look for Scribbledydum's 2015.
Its Pink! OMG!! I was seriously aiming for really light purple.
Somehow it turned pink. Betul. Tak TIPU PUNYA!

Anyhow I wanted a more fresher look
And I'm turning 23 this year so I wanted it to look more ladylike I think.
I seriously wanted my blog to reflect something more soft and sweet.
So in the end I managed to come out with this.

So I added a couple of changes.

Firstly the menu bar, which I finally managed to find the right code to make it stick at the top of the screen.
I have also breaked down my labels to more specific groups.
Since my labels has increased, please bare with me a few weeks more to get all the labels positioned correct. It's hard you know organizing back the labels, I need to go through one by one and decide which is which.
Haiyoooo... Manyak pening.

I'ved also updated my pages
The Author
Adverts / Invites

Yes.. I've added a page for advertisers as well
Since I'm aiming to be more serious in blogging
Better make my blog a proffesional one right?

I've also added a little more extra things
Could you spot it?

Anyways, I know me.
This won't be the final look for this year, I'll keep on updating little by little
I still haven't been able to figure out how to change the background for the Gadget's title.
Anyone know's how to do that, would you share with me?

So overall that's mostly it.
I would really love what you think.
The honest the better.

Thanks peeps!


  1. Frankly speaking, I truly amazed with your layout. Eh, no wonder la. Student AD rupanya heee

  2. Walao eh mira!!! Impressed!! cantik gila ni, simple, layout yg memudahkan pembaca & menarik!!
    Loving ur blog as always! ^_^ <3

    1. Awwww... That's so sweet of you babe! Thank you <3<3<3

  3. lawanya akak design blog. i'm truly amazed. very simple and look classy at the same time. rasa macam nak guna service akak je untuk design blog saya. hihi..

  4. Replies
    1. Tak boleh jeles.. Hehe.. Onie punya lagi lawa

  5. nak header lawa tu, kenapa takde header (T_T) nampak banner nuffnang je..

    1. lol, header tu bukan header actually, its the background of my blog. I memang tak nak header pun.

  6. ada amik tempahan tk? nk tempah.. cntk!!

  7. cantik! congrats on the new look :)


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