31 January 2015

Review: Skinz Perfect White BB Cream

Name: Skinz Perfect White BB Cream
Price: RM42.90 
Usage Purpose: Brightens, Protects and Even Skin tones.
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hello peeps!
So before I start my blogpost today I just wanna tell you that this is not a sponsored post.
Since my new year resolution is to upgrade Scribbledydum into something more, this is one of the efforts I'm making.
If you have noticed, I now have narrowed my menu bar to more specific groups because I want my readers to be able to find what they are looking for.
Cause I really hate the hassle when what I am looking for at a blog is so hard to find. 
Anyways, another reason is because I have received so much, mostly products I won from contests or goodies from events. Some of these products I even came to love for.
So I wanna share my experience with my readers as well and also want this blog to be more informative than before.
That is my aim for this year.

So, this BB Cream is the reason why I even started using BB Creams. This is the first and my most favourite of all. I've recieved this BB Cream through facebook when I applied for a sample but they gave me their full range. Just how lucky was I back then.
Actually I have already emptied the tube, but still I managed to dig a few out for this review. As you can see in the label above that this BB Cream will only last 12 months after opened and I think it has been more than a year already. I'ved kept this tube for a really long time actually. Rasa sayang je nak buang. LOL.
Anyways, I think that they have already updated to a new look for this packaging since I couldn't find this type sold anymore. But there was one which had the same name, so I assume that they have just changed the look. The new one has a red line in the middle, look so much better actually.

The thing I love the most of this BB Cream is because the cap. Its just so much easier to aim how much I want to use rather than having to squeeze the tube. But it was also a hassle when this product is almost emptied and you wanna squeeze the leftovers out but you can't cause the cap doesn't let you squeeze the cream out. Huh... Rasa sayang that I couldn't use all the cream. 

Could you also see the results? It surely did brighten my skin. And this BB Cream goes perfectly well with my powder also.

What I'm Loving
How it goes very well on my skin.
The scent is just amazing, really love smelling it.
Just love it lahh.. can't describe anymore

What I'm NOT Loving
The price. It is kind off pricey don't you think?

So that's all peeps!

P/s: This post is not sponsored 

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  1. Yeah. I love the way you sort our your stories on the menu bar. It is easier for your readers to look for what they're looking for. Good step!


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