04 January 2015

Review: Shizen's Lip Tattoo


Name: Shizens Lip Tattoo (8ml)

Price: RM168.00
Usage Purpose: Adds moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines.
Lightens dark pigmented lips

Avaibility: All Shizen Outlets

Hello peeps! Yes, another blogpost for today. 
Pelik kan? Usually just once for a day, never 2, but this is exceptional since its for The Butterfly Project

Goshh! For those who haven't joined in this community yet make sure you do this cause your gonna miss out on hell a lot of fun Tammy has prepared for us.

Anyways back to the main topic.
Shizen's Lip Tattoo which I received during the Butterfly Christmas Party which was included inside their big beauty box.
I still haven't blogged about the Christmas Party yet. I just remembered. Haishhh... Turning to a granny now.

Again back to the Shizen's Lip Tattoo, it is said to be one of the best selling products of Shizen's. Well I'm not so familiar whith Shizen's actually cause I still can't afford to buy them. What do you expect, I'm still a student. But I'm currently using their Eye Charm Eyebrow Enhancer which I love really really much. I won that and what saddens me is that I can't afford to purchace the replacement. LOL

Anyways, Shizen's products are actually worth their price cause most reviews turn out to be great.

The Lip Tattoo comes in a form describing elegance. Which most of the Shizen products are.
The liquid is white and has a deep moisturing texture.

What I'm Loving
It gives deep moisture, my lips are really dry and it tends to peel of most of the time. And when I wear lipstick without any moist it looks hidious. So this Lip Tattoo is just the right solution for me. It also doesn't have any scent which is good since most lipstick has a scent.
And the most important thing is that my lipstick finally last till I get home. If not 10 minutes after I wear my lipstick its already gone. After using the lip tattoo I was impressed that the colour of my lipstick still didn't fade after hours.

What I'm NOT Loving
The price of course, its too pricey. So I'm gonna use this only on certain event. I can't use it up everyday. Save for the best.

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That's all peeps.
More reviews from the Beauty Box coming up really soon.


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