21 January 2015

Review: Number 76 Hair Saloon Bangsar 1

Saloon: Number76 Bangsar 1
Treatment: Kerastase Stimulating Ritual
Suitability: For those with hair fall problems

Normal Price: RM200 
Ingredients: Vitamin PP and B5 
Treatment Purpose: To manage hair loss concerns while stimulating new hair growth. 
Ingredients: Vitamin PP and B5 
Increases blood circulation to energize roots, providing the optimal environment for healthy hair growth

Hye peeps!
So remember my previous previous previous post that I said I just did a scalp treatment?
And that was the best thing so far I've done to my hair.
Well I'll get on that at the end of the post.
Now lets talk about Number 76 Hair Saloon.

If you haven't heard about Number 76 before, this unisex saloon is quite popular actually.
They have 4 branches at
Mid Valley
Bangsar 1
Bangsar 2
Starhill Gallery

The one I went to was in Bangsar 1 Located inside Telawi Square.
Nice right the environment?
Even Syafiq didn't mind waiting with such a pleasant interior.

So I was invited by Sue Ann like weeks ago to try out either their scalp or hair treatment services.
So since I've just got myself a haircut a few months ago, and that's what I usually do, so I decided to go for scalp treatment. My previous visit to the Saloon also sugested me to get a scalp treatment since  the stylist said I had scalp problems, that was the cause my hair problems.

So a big thanks to Sue Ann and Number 76. Yeayyyyy...
I finally got a chance to try their Kerastase Stimulating Ritual for scalp!

I was actually really excited, but still have to control la. People might think I've never went to the saloon before. LOL

And the great part is that they provide a private room for the muslims.
For muslim womens.
Most saloons don't usually think this is important
Well girls it is, so take care of yourself yaaa..

So my stylist that day was Suky
She somehow slightly looked like a Korean artist.
Betul, tak tipuu, but I can't remember which one. 

Anyways before I share with you my experience, lets get to know a little bit about what were talking about actually.

Its the skin covering your head.
There is a more scientific explanation, but I don't understand that. So I won't talk about something I don't understand

Hair or scalp problems occurs to many people. This usually causes the hair to thin or fall out, break off, or grow slowly. It could also causes dandruff which leads to itching and peeling of the scalp. At the end of the day, your head will be in pain due to the cuts you did by scratching your head. This problem can be upsetting, but they usually are not caused by serious medical problems.

Hair loss, including thinning and breaking, is the most common scalp problem. Most people lose from 50 to 100 hairs per day. Gosh!! No wonder I almost went bold.

Hair gradually thins as people age, I've noticed this as well.  My hair was surely thicker when I was a teenanger.

Well, for first when I heard about the scalp treatment, I just thought that it was just for hair loss.
But after i did some research about scalps I found out that scalp could turn out in many kinds of problems.
Shocking Actually!
There are a few potential diseases that could effect in boldness, hairloss and even the skin.
So be carefull.

Trust me, you seriously don't wanna look at the pictures I just saw.

Well mostly what I found about the reasons why scalp problem happens is because of genetics. Some people ain't so lucky cause they inherit it.
Well in Malaysia, it is usually caused because of humidity. Our country is very hot and we tend to sweat often, which also does our head.

When that happens it could create dandruff and also dirt that that blocks where new hair are supose to grow, and blocks the nutrition that our hair is suppose to get. Thus makes the current hair more fragile which causes hair loss.

People who wear headscarves usually have this problem. Why?
Because the head don't get air. It is really important for people wearing headscarves to make sure they do the proper treatment for their hair. If not not only will your hair be damaged, but also cause really bad odur. Tak malu ke kalau orang bau rambut busuk. Yekkksss...

Okay so back to the treatment session
Before they started the treatment, they showed me my current scalp condition using this microscope.

This microscope also functions as a camera to zoom and see the skin's condition from an app.

As you can see from the ipad is the image of my skin's head.
Could you see all those white things? That's actually the bad stuff.
I can't remember what it is, but she said it ain't good.

Here is a clearer image I got from Sue Ann, can you see my hair kinda shiny? Its actually oily and unhealthy. I also saw like some kind of dirt at the roots of my hair blocking it. I don't know how to explain this, but I surely didn't like how my scalp looked at that time.

So finally it was time for treatment.
Firstly they washed my hair, after that they put this product down here evenly on my scalp and left it for 6 minutes before washing my hair again.

After the wash, they used these products on my hair after drying it.

I didn't get a haircut since I just got one, but Suky sure did have the pleasure to give my hair a nice touch. Surely loved how my hair looked like even though I didn't get a haircut. But what was mostly important is that my hair feels amazing. 
LIGHTER and refreshed!

They also showed me the how my scalp looked like after treatment.
Sorry that I couldn't show you, I forgot to snap the after picture since I was so excited with the results.

What I could say is that, my skin had less those white things and my hair wasn't shiny anymore. Coludn't find any black dirts as well. I couldn't say that the treatment treated my scalp 100% cause I know it didn't, but at least it felt much more better after the treatment.

Plus, I was told that scalp treatment needs to be done regularly once a month.

So if your interested to have the same treatment as mine
Here is the price list

So on my right, which is your left is Suky and on my left I forget her name, but she was the one who washed my hair for me. I love her specs though, rasa macam nak tukar style macam tu lepas ni. LOL

And here is Sue Ann
Any of you bloggers remember her?
Lama gila tak jumpa dia ni.
Again thanks to her for the invite!

So it has been 2 weeks already after I had the scalp treatment.
My hair is doing great, the amount of hair loss has also decressed and I could see new hair growing.
Plus with my new shampoo routine, it really helps.
I'm glad I had the opportunity to do this now, cause I was beginning to concern a lot about my hair.
Another thing I'm glad is that Number 76 did provide with really great service.
They made sure that the private room for muslim woman were really private.
Not all Saloons understands.
Plus their enviroment is really nice don't you think?

Well, I'm defiantly coming here again for another treatment or a haircut.
If your still curious, head down to their website at

Till then peeps!


  1. My hair needs a makeover. It has been a year since my last rebonding, I haven't had any haircut either and my hair fall is like kena chemo (T_T) first or second gaji can go to number76 kot? hehe!

    1. I know right, kena kumpul dulu sebelum ke sana.. HAHA... But puas hati lah

  2. Nice review. This salon is one of the famous salons in KL. It has been reviewed by many celebrities though!

    1. Really, I just recently found out when I was proposed for this project. That's why bila masuk saloon tu macam segan2 je. HAHA

  3. wah dtg jugak ke tau kt ramai2 plan trip sama2 kn ahhaha bleh jmp trus alahh rugi je! haiyoo detailed nye awk ahkak xsnap gmbo pon lol lol :;)

    1. Laaa... itulah sebab tak tahu. Kalau tahu ada juga kawan nanti. Dapat borak2. Akak buat scalp treatment jugak eh?

    2. aah sama lah yang tp akk xbudget nk blog plak so xd la mek gmbo bagai LOL

  4. Uwahhh! nice lahh..Pika tak pergi lagi..tak select proper date lagi. Will experience this soon.
    Thanks for the info mira! HUGGG~

    1. Isskkk.. ruginya tak tahu korang semua dijemput, kan best kalau semua dapat pergi sekali. hehe


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