07 January 2015

Review: Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner


Name: Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner 

Price: RM39.90 (100grams) 
Features: Smudge & Waterproof, Quickly Dry, Long Lasting

Avaibility: Essential Beauty House (Purchase)

Hello Peeps!
My second post of the year and yes, still about makeup. Should I change my title to a Beauty Blogger now? LOL
I don't think I wanna miss a chance on trying new food, events and so on. So I'll just stick to lifestyle.

Anyways, anyone heard of Mee Cosmetic Before?
(NO! Maggi did not open a cosmetic company)

This is the first for me also.
So lets have a bit of introduction shall we

Mee Cosmetic is a cosmetic company from Thailand but their cosmetic products are made in Korea. 
And their eyeliner is said a fast selling product in Thailand and Hong Kong now. 
What's even stunning is that 
This eyeliner won as CLEO Best Liquid Eyeliner 2014 Award.

How cool is that? Made me more eager to try it out.

The tip of the eyeliner is super sharp.
Really great to create a fine line.
Its just almost like Maybelline's Hypersharp Liner.

The of the liner contains a spring in the middle which enables to protect the tip of the liner.
This is such a great feature for careless people like me.

Since the Mee Eyeliner is a fast selling product is Thailand and Hong Kong, what would you think Malaysians would say about it?
Well for me

What I'm Loving
The tip! Its really sharp at the tip but gradually increases till the bottom of the liner.
This feature could actually make me choose either I want a really thin line or add up some volume.
If I want a thin line I just use the tip of the liner lightly.
But if I want a thicker liner I could press down the liner a bit on a 42degree angle and it creates a thicker line.

It also dries up really fast, no need for waiting
And the best thing is that it's hard to be smudge. I have a habit of rubbing my eyes which I always forget that I'm wearing makeup, so this feature helped me a lot saving my face. LOL

And I also love the the lid of the eyeliner. Its designed to make sure that the tip will surely be at the right place. I'm not sure how to explain this but to make things easy is that you can close the eyeliner easily without any damage to the tip.

What I'm NOT Loving
Currently nothing. I'm satisfied with everything.
No wonder this liquid eyeliner won an award.

For more information 

Till then peeps, have a lovely day ahead!


  1. Mira mekap mata pakai warna apa? Cantik betul! eyeliner tu nampak sharp ^_^

    1. Makeup Revolution Go Pallete, warna gold. Cantik kan colour dia

  2. menarik ja eyeliner ni.. nampak sharp. mesti best nak buat cat eye mcm tu kann.. eheheee..

    1. Yes, segala jenis cat eye boleh dapat pika. Hehe

  3. awak..bila nak ajak kita mekap ni awakkkkk

    1. Join la Butterfly Onie. Best... Nanti boleh mekap mekap


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