13 January 2015

Review: Loreal Paris Hair Fall Resist 3X Series

Helloo peeps!
Introducing to you my new hair! Hew Hew

So a couple weeks back I shared with you a picture of the L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Series range on my Facebook and since then I've been using this shampoo range to overcome my hairfall problem.

Actually I have been using this shampoo for almost a year now and honestly this is the best shampoo  I have ever used yet.
Before I'ved used this shampoo I've been using other brands which certainly did not solve my problem at all. My head almost became bold with major hair lost.

I onced used De'Wajah Shampoo if I'm not mistaken. That shampoo really did help but the only problem is that their shampoo is only sold at its saloons which I really don't have time to go to. So I stopped using that shampoo for that particular reason and tried L'Oreal's shampoo range instead.

So for a year I'ved used this shampoo and conditioner, it won't be honest of I say the product is really good and I have no hair fall at all. This shampoo actually helped me to maintain my hair so it would also grow new hair. I noticed that the certain parts that my head was going to get bold grew hair again , but it never really solved my hair fall problem completely. My hair still slightly falls especially when its wet.

But at that was before, when I just used the shampoo and conditioner only which makes the results not complete. So after the 15 Days Challenge, with the full range used,  I could finally come out with something to conclude.

Let's start shall we


Name: L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
Price: RM15.90 

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 

How to Use: Massage gently into wet scalp/hair, lather. Then rinse. 

The shampoo is just awesome, I think I have finised 5 bottles from the past year. I really love the smell which is also one of the reasons why I love to shampoo my hair. The best part is that the shampoo is kinda thick so with just a little squeeze my hair is all bubbly.

So after shampoo-ing there are 
to choose from
Either The Conditioner or The Mask


Name: L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner
Price: RM19.90 

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 

How to Use: Post shampooing, spread through the lengths of the hair right to the tips. Massage gently and then rinse.

(Tip: Make sure conditioner does not touch the scalp of your hair)
Why? Well I went to the Saloon a couple of months back and the stylist said that I had to be careful how I wash my hair cause I have scalp problems and one of the factors for this problem are usually conditioners cause it has a lot of collagen in it if I'm not mistaken.

Scalp problems are one of the big factors why hair fall happens so I also had a scalp treatment just recently (which I will blog about soon) and the results... well I'll tell you at the end of the blogpost.

So another option is The Mask
Don't wear both of them at once okay
Choose either to use the Conditioner or the Mask.


Name: L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X 1 Minute Treatment Mask
Price: RM27.90 

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 

How to Use: Once a week, post shampooing a masque can be used as an alternate to conditioner. Apply generously through the lengths of the hair. Leave for one minute for intensive treatment, then rinse.

See... It looks exactly just like a conditioner but the difference is, its just used once a week and of course you have to leave it for 1 minute before you rinse.
For me I love wearing The Treatment Mask every Friday afternoon cause waiting for a minute sure could make me clueless, especially in a bathroom. So I take that time to do a bodyscrub treatment for myself. Yeayyy.. Friday is just like Spa day for me. Just that it's DIY. LOL

The effects of the Mask treatment is just splendid, my hair goes super duper soft and I truely love the light feeling it gives me.
The conditioner gives a slightly different feeling, but I love the feeling using the Mask treatment better. Huh.. I don't know how to describe this. Kelakar kan?

For the after treatment there are
2 OPTIONS also
The Tonic or The Serum

Make sure to choose only one option to use each time


Name: L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Tonic
Price: RM24.90 

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 

How to Use: For a full-head application use one dose of tonic according to the scale. Gently massage the scalp with your fingers to activate micro-circulation. This tonic can be applied on dry as well as damp hair. Do not rinse.

I just love the time when I apply this cause it feels cold and fresh. Just be careful not to nod to down to low when you apply this cause it easily drips and flows. Its just like water, so it might be harmful if it gets into your eyes. 

The other option is The Serum
It comes with 6 in a box


Name: L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Treatment
Price: RM45.90

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 

How to Use: On damp or dry hair, apply the complete dose directly on the scalp partitioned line by line. Massage on scalp. Concentrate on zones with high hair fall concerns. Leave in without rinsing.

Its just like the Tonic and its function is almost the same. I'm not sure the difference of both of these products actually but lately I've been very happy applying this rather than the tonic which I have no reason why. 


What I'm Loving

Their packaging! Black and pink looks really awesome together. Just love how they look like organized at my bathroom. Hehe

Most importantly I'm so loving my hair right now. Its really really healthy and stronger, my hair feels much more lighter.
(Take note that this is how I feel after I did the scalp treatment cause after the treatment I'm still using this shampoo range.)
I'll do another blogpost on the Scalp treatment and also a bit of info why the Scalp is very important to control hair lost.

Anyways, my hair certainly ain't falling that bad anymore. It used to be, slightly a lot, but now there are major improvements just like 2 or 3 strand of hair loss when I comb my hair. Somehow when I got my scalp treated it also strenghthened the effect of the shampoo which was a really good thing.

Another thing I love the most is this shampoo's scent is just awesome. Even when I wear my headscarf after I shampooed my hair and got it dried up a few of the people close to tend to ask where the nice scent comes from, which obviously ain't my perfume cause I don't wear perfume.
Even when I go out of the bathroom my whole room smells like my shampoo.

So to me this Shampoo really did a good job maintaining my hair.
If not I might have gone bald by now.
Cause maintaining your hair and your wearing a headscarf in a country with high humidity ain't easy.

Have you guys encountered a girl who wears a headscarve but smells awfully bad like wet socks?
Some of you might right?
Well that's mostly because of the hair which girls like that usually don't take an effort to dry their hair first before wearing a headscarf.
(Maybe I'll update a post on tips soon)

What I'm NOT Loving
Totally loving this 100%

Phewwww... penat dah!
That's all peeps.


  1. barang loreal mhl sob2 tk mmpu ittew. gn safi syala

    1. jika tiada masalah rambut.. okay awak.. kita dah try macam2 shampoo.. yang okay.. cuma clear n now.. guna loreal.. anti hair fall dgn kelemumur (warna biru)

  2. Hi my self krishnaKveni I am using loriel shampoo it is works fantastic reallyyyyyyyy good shampoo for all kind of hairs.


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