27 January 2015

Review: CERRO QREEN Professional Make-up Brush Set

Name: CERRO QREEN Professional Make-up Brush Set (5pcs)
Price: RM65.90

Included Brushes: Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Blooming brush, Eyebrow powder brush

Purchase: Natta Cosme

Hellooo peeps!
So today's post is about CERRO QUEEN'S Proffesional Make-up Brush Set
This is not a sponsored post okay.

This brush set was a gift from my Secret Santa at The Butterfly Project's Christmas Party.
I haven't had a chance to say thank you. So here I would love to say Thank YOU!
Whoever you are, I still don't know who.

My wish that Christmas is that I wanted a Travel Makeup Brush Kit
And here is my Secret's Santa Choice.
Nice one!

Obviously I knew she bought it from Natta Cosme since she included Natta's card as well.

So let's see what's good about these brushes

These brushes are made of synthetic fiber so no worries, muslims can use them.
What I hold is the Blush Brush and also the Foundation Brush.

The Eyeshadow Brush and The Blooming Brush 

The Eyeshadow Brush close up

The effects created using the Blooming Brush and also the Eyeshadow Brush

The Eyebrow Powder Brush

What I'm Loving
How easy travelling with this. Its compact shape dosn't take much space in my bag and the case seems like it could handle roughness for quite some time.
The brushes included are a complete set for travelling, only the basics are needed. Its like I had my full makeup brush set at home while travelling.
The effects of the brushes. Blends well just as I wanted. 
And don't seem to see the brushes falling apart. 

What I'm NOT Loving
OMG!!! Pink! Well I'm not actually saying I don't love it, its just that I prefer purple. LOL
But again I'm not complaining. Hihi..
The eyeshadow particles and powder particles tends to stick on the brushes, so need to regularly wash these babies to use.

Overall I'm quite impressed with this kit! Now this is a must have in my travel bag.
Till then peeps!


  1. Kalau taknak warna pink, meh bagi kat scha mehh. hahaha.

    senang bawak travel kalau ada kit mcam ni. hehe

  2. Always attracted to your reviews because of the photos included in every entry! :)


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