16 January 2015

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Series

Helloooo Peeps!
So who is a Garnier Fan here?

Well, I've been using Garnier's products since high school but now I'm just using their deodorant.
Well, I've aged and I find this product better used when I was still a teenager .
Anyways for today this is not a review.
I'm not wearing this product, but my little sister is and I'll tell you her opinion after this

So today I'm just gonna share about Garnier's Sakura White Pinkish Radiance series.
I actually found this product on the market months ago and found it to be really cute.
Made me me tempted to buy it since I used to use Garnier's Brand but I think this won't work for my skin anymore.
I see this more suitable for teens.
Well of course it's not only for teenagers okay. It's just what I see.
Anyways, lets take a look shall we.
You determine


Name: Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Cleansing Foam
Price: RM12.90 (100ml)

Avaibility: All Major Pharmacies

Even the foam is in pink. Cute right? If only I've used this when I was in high school. Must have been super cute to put in my bag when I went camping. LOL
And the scent in good as well.


Name: Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Day Cream
Price: RM24.90 (50ml)

Avaibility: All Major Pharmacies

For me the cream is just like any other day creams
But of course of your using the cleansing foam, its better if you use their day cream.
If not how to see effects.

I have nothing much to say about the product since I'm not using it.
But what my sister says that she's just satisfied with it.
Feels fresher

Btw she's in highschool
And I really recommend this brand for teenagers
Especially for teens who are looking for their first skincare product range.

During my highschool years I've came across many products which was not suitable for me.
Finally I ended up with Garnier and it was just great for me.
Cause at that age the skin is still healthy and of course looking for a product that doesn't treat it as an adults skin is a bit hard.
I just wanted a product that could clean my face well at that time. Cause I was active and always under the sun, so my face got burnt and caused my skin to become dirty and oily. I did'nt need any kind of other treatment except for cleansing my face and protecting it from the sun.

Even my sister is the same as me.
And thank goodness she looks much more better since she started to use cleansing foam.
Which is this Series.

So till then peeps.


  1. Ah, me too. Garnier's products are actually one line of skincare items that I used when I was 16 up till I turned 20. But then it's just stopped working.. I think I have to agree with you there. The products are more suitable for teenagers.
    A friend of mine actually bought this whole line of White Sakura from SG as Watsons Malaysia don't sell the toner but I decided to gave it away to my younger sis who just turned 18 this year.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!
    xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

    1. Yes, it stopped working for me too, that's why I changed. Thank goodness we both have younger sister to give too right?

  2. Liz tk sesuai dah pakai garnier bile dah naik umu 20 ke atas

  3. Saya ade beli 4barang garnier sakura white ni.tpi sye x leh pakai.x sesuai.sye bru gune sehari dan secalit je.muka sya x sesuai kot.so sye nak jual dkt spe2 yg nak.sye ade night cream(botol besar),day cream,serum,foam.sye abis bnyak duit sbb bli bnde ni tpi at last x sesuai dgn kulit..sob sob~..sye jual Rm67 je klau ade spe2 nak.tq


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