11 January 2015

Butterfly's 2015 Beauty Regime #MiraLooks 2

Hello peeps!
Happy Sunday! Eventhough I'm not feeling that well today I just can't leave my blog alone.
Anyways, you could see that my blog is such a mess right now.
So so sorry, I'm in the process of renovating my blog but I haven't had much time.
And tomorrow is Monday! Waaaaaa... I don't want Monday to come.
I still havn't had enough rest.

Anyways, a few post back I've recieved a Beauty Box from The Butterfly Project
There were a lot right?
But today I'm just sharing some that I used for my 2015 Butterfly Look
There will be another blogpost coming on on the other items I received.

These for items are just stunning.
Well actually I didn't use the nail polish for this look cause my nail polish remover was finished and I don't dare to wear it until I have a new one.
Eitherways, I don't usually wear nail polish and most of the nail polish I have is used for art purposes.
Did you know that nail polish really creates a nice effect on phone covers and laptop covers.
I was just thinking to design for my phone cover using Maybelline's ColourShow Nail Polish and I got purple, which is my favourite colour.
But wait until I find the time to actually do it.

The Dolly Wink eyeliner is just great. Really did a good job with the lines and it dries really quickly.
Don't you think the body is just cute with polka dots?
And its purple! Hehe

Maybelline's Baby Lips Electro Pop! Just wanted one of these, baby lips are my fav lip balms and now they added a little bit colour. This is so suitable for class next semester.

Collection's Highlight Lipgloss sure got me stunned! OMG there are lights. Could you see?
Just suitable when your on the go at night and need to do a little bit of touch up. The colour also ain't bad. This is my first collection product that I have and I'm eager to try more from this brand soon.

Combined all of these together and I got this look.
Of course the eyeshadow ain't in the box, I sure can't have enought of Makeup Revolution's Go Pallete. Nice right the colour?

Anyways, the eyeliner is just super sharp as I wanted to.
The combination of Baby Lips and Collection''s Higlight Lipgloss ain't bad right?
Creates a nice baby pink coloured lips.

That's all peeps
Have a Lazy Monday tommorow like me.
LOL! Kidding.


  1. can't wait to get my hands on makeup revolution palettes!!
    xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

  2. Anis suka eyeliner dollywink tu, sbb sharp, senang nak guna :)

  3. Cantik r !! *I mean it* Masa mula2 I bukak yg Collection's tu kan..OMGeee..terkejut ada lampu hahaha..how fit with its name kan..n Yg DollyWink tu opkos..all the time feveret.. <3

  4. part yg ada lampu led tu mcm WOW!


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