29 December 2014

Review: BeautyOat Collagen Plus + Oat Drink Formula


Name: BeautyOat (Collagen Plus + Oat Drink Formula) 
Price: RM79.00 (WM), RM89.00 (EM)
Quantity: 18 Sachets/30gm

Usage Purpose: 
Promotes Firmness, Elasticity, Skin Tone
Reduces Cholestrol, Fine Lines, Pigmentation,Visible Pores
Improves Immune System, Skin Texture, Tissue Repair, Boost Energy
Prevents Heart Diseases, Overweight

Hello dearies!
So how many of you heard about BeautyOat before cause what I know its pretty famous in the social media. Many have tried and most came back with positive feedback.

So what is so special about BeautyOat that people are talking about?
Well they say its a mixture of 4 amazing ingrediants which are

Oats are a natural superfood, high in fibre and a source of protein, and the beta glucan found in oats helps to lower cholesterol re-absorption.

Marine collagen tripeptide to keep skin firm, supple and elastic. It actively boosts collagen synthesis to minimize the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) extract is a natural ingredient for anti inflammation, whitening and anti-glycation. It also helps in reduces melanin production for a fairer and brighter skin.

Pomegranates are an Antioxidant-Rich Superfood that helps minimize free-radical damage to the body. Pomegranate nutrition benefits are highlighted by its low calorie content combined with its high nutritional value.

(Source took from BeautyOat website)

With all of these ingrediants inside BeautyOat it helps

Promotes Firmness, Elasticity, Skin Tone

Reduces Cholestrol, Fine Lines, Pigmentation,Visible Pores

Improves Immune System, Skin Texture, Tissue Repair, Boost Energy

Prevents Heart Diseases, Overweight

All this in just one product. Just whom would not want to try out if you can achieve all of this.
So of course I was also eager to try it out and see either it is really good.

When I recieved this product I was at the hospital. Remember right I told ya I've been in the hospital for a week.
So when I got home I couldn't instantly try this out, I wasn't fully recovered yet and I didn't have any appetite at all. So I left it to sit quietly for a week before I started trying it out.

Since BeautyOat is a collagen oat form, this product is so suitable for breakfast and also as a light drink before bed.
For breakfast I usually drink Nestum 3in1 but now I have changed to BeautyOat. Since its oat so my stomach could bare the morning class with it.
It taste just like Quaker Oats, one of my favourites but for BeautyOat the taste is rather bland. Its not so sweet, its sweetness is just at the right amount so make sure don't pour too much water or you'll taste nothing.
For me BeautyOat is really simple for breakfast cause in the morning its really busy and I'm usually rushing. I have no time to make breakfast but I cannot stand without breakfast. 
This is a big plus for BeautyOat.
Just which collagen drink has Oat inside it? This is the first!

So how to make BeautyOat?
Its simple. Just pour 180ml of warm water and stir.
An easy daily routine to stay Beautiful, Young and Healthy.

They say I could look younger in just 14 days.
Well I'm not sure how younger I wanna look since I'm still considered young.
But I have tried BeautyOat for more than 14 days now and my box is empty, what are the results for me?
Well.. well..

What I see
The most obvious thing I could see is that it helped me reduce my cuts. When I got back to the hospital I don't know what happened but there were a lot of small dots which were cuts or something, I'm not sure, but if I peel it off it bleeds. 
So when I drank BeautyOat it helped with these cuts and not only those current cuts, even my old scars are gradually fading away.
Another thing is that I feel much more energetic in the morning. I usually feel slightly tired if I don't exercise in the morning, but now I'm doing good. This is such a benefit cause I'm currently doing my finals and I seriously don't have time for exersice.
The best part is that it helps controlling weight. I'm not sure how this work actually but when I got sick I did loose my appetite for about 2 weeks. After I got better I started to want to eat, I tend to want to eat a lot, but I'm not eating as much as I used too which is a good thing actually cause I eat like a monstar. 

What I do not see
When I was in the hospital, I didn't take care off my face at all. I didn't wash it with cleasing products for a week cause it was too painful. So when I got back my skin was really in bad shape. There were pores, acne and my skin was oily. Even after I drank BeautyOat my skin ain't that healthy as it used to be. I could still clearly see my pores. 
Still I'm still not sure either BeautyOat does work for this cause I really have stubborn pores anyways and I left my skin unattended for a week. So it was really in a bad condition and now its still recovering but not so bad as my first week out from the hospital.

So would I purchase a new box?
I will because right now BeautyOat fufill all my requirements for a nice and easy breakfast that has other great benefits as well. Just whom would not want to stay young, beautiful and healthy. Also I'm curious either soon it will help heal my skin. Maybe 1 box is just not enough.

Till then peeps


  1. ramai dah baca review produk ni bagus. nak try lahhh :D

  2. Anis suka nestum 3 in 1 especially yg honey tu.. Beautyoat ni mcm menarik je, boleh makan for breakfats! :)

  3. mieza dah habis 3 kotak sebenarnya, repeat order dgn BeautyOat XD benda yg paling jelas nampak ialah, jerawat kurang keluar, then kulit rasa lembut je walaupun tak flawless lagi. skrg duit dah surut tak dapat nak repeat lagi. dah dpt keje nnt boleh la kot nak beli semula, hehe!

  4. yang penting box dia cute gila! hehe....onie pun try dah,best ....takde rasa nak buang balik.. ;)


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