30 November 2014

BE Creative Makeup Makeover with The Butterfly Project

Hello Peeps!
Who loves getting a makeover?
Thanks to The Butterfly Project I was invited for a makeover with BE Creative Make Up 

BE Beautiful, BE Yourself
BE Creative Make Up is now exclusively at Muse by Watons
This range of makeup is a profesional makeup line with affordable prices

So the makeover on that day, they used all makeup by BE Creative.
So before I show you the makeover results lets see some of their proud products

The Feather Finish Matte Foundation and The Diamond Dew Glow Foundation which is used moisturising and dry skin. They each have six shades to choose from.

The Eyshadow Quad
There are 5 combinations of 4 shades to create smokey eyes and a sublime look.
The colours are just perfect don't you think?

The Intense Lipstick with 20 intense shades to offer.

And Mono Eyeshadows
With a pallet of 39 shades altogether. You will just wish to have it all

So we all had a brief introduction to BE Creative Makeup since this range of makeup is still new in Malaysia and it is only in stores with Muse by Watsons.

So then the makeover started where we were given four choices of looks to choose from

Guess which one I've chose from the video below

(sorry there's no sound, youtube muted the sound because copyright issues)
For an unmuted video you guys can watch here

From Naked to FUNKY
Yes I chose the funky look , thanks to Caroline that forced me to take this look, in the end I'm so loving this look.
So thanks Caroline! LOL

The blue shade is just stunning

With my makeup artist for that day
Just loved her touch

And of course a butterfly event won't be complete with dear butterflies
Everyone with their completed makeover
Well of course there a more photo's to share
I've uploaded them all on Facebook

It surely was a fun girls day out
Especially when girls are playing with make up

And the best part of course.

And we were all very lucky that day cause each of us took home more makeup


Price: RM49.00
Shade: 004 Venus


Price: RM39.00
Shade: 027 Idol


Price: RM79.00
Shade: 005

I surely wish I could bring back home more pallets
The colours are so pigmented.

Overall, the makeover was a blast.
Really had so much fun with other butterflies.

For more information on BE CREATIVE MAKEUP
You could find out at

Till then peeps

25 November 2014

Review: Natta Cosme YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit


Name: YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit
YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath
YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protien
YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich
YOKO Milky Body Lotion

Avaibility: Natta Cosme

Hello dearies!
So I'm excited to share my review with you guys today on YOKO's Milk Shower Essential Kit.
I have recieved this big parcel from Natta Cosme for weeks now.
I was surprised on how big the parcel turned out to be when it arrived at my door. They even included milk as well since their blogging theme for this is all about milk. Cute!

So I have been using their products since they arrived till now and I also shared with my parents as well since obviously this is a review so its better with more opinions right?
So let's start shall we

YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath

Price: RM20.00
Usage Purpose: For exfoliating and nourishing skin with Vitamin E, Milk Protien, natural salt benefits. Removes dirt deposits and dead skin cells.
Ingrediants: Milk Protien, Vitamin E, Natural Salt Benefits
How to Use:  Pour on your hand. Rub gently in circular motion on wet skin. Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water.

Avaibility: Natta Cosme (Direct Link)

From all of the products I love this the most.
Yoko's Body Scrub smells like the batter when baking.
The soft sweet delicious smell which makes you feel like you just wanna eat it.
But don't ever try to eat it okay.

The texture is kinda rough, it even feels like batter. The natural salts feels like the mixture of sugar and eggs battered together.
I kinda used it everyday now cause the Natural Salts is really doing their job well. I could feel my skin getting smoother and fresher.

Even my housemate keeps asking
"Mira, nak sikit Scrub eh"
and I'll say
and she says
"ambik jugakkkkk"
and I'm like

YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protien

Price: RM30.00
Usage Purpose: Retain skin moisture to combat wrinkles, brighten and improve skin condition for softer and smoother
Ingrediants: Milk Protien, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Extract
How to Use: Night before sleep, apply YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protien all over your body and massage gently until absorbed

Avaibility: Natta Cosme (Direct Link)

YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich

Price: RM42.00
Usage Purpose: Boost up beautiful and shinny hair
Ingrediants: Milk Protien, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil
How to Use: After Shampoo, apply throughout the hair especially at the end. Cover hair with warm wet towel for about 10 minutes. Rinse off.

Avaibility: Natta Cosme (Direct Link)

For the Body Butter Cream. It is used before sleep. Since I'm not such a fan of applying lotion before I sleep I gave it to my mum to test it out. Since it also helps to combat with wrinkles, its just the best product for her. So every night I would she her applying the butter cream and she says that the scent makes her remind about a product she used to use when she was a teenager but she doesn't quite remember what. Overall she says it makes her skin smoother and she loves sleeping with the scent.

If you heard of Argon Oil you would now that it is really good for you which is contained in the Hair Spa Milky Rich. Its texture is just like a normal conditioner and its functions are mostly the same. The scent isn't so strong.

YOKO Milky Body Lotion

Price: RM35.00
Usage Purpose: Nourishing, moisturizing and making skin smoother, lighter, supple and               healthier looking.
Ingrediants: Milk Protien, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Licorice Extract
How to Use: Morning after bath, smooth the lotion onto skin and massage gently until absorbed.

Buy : Natta Cosme (Direct Link)

And this massive tub of lotion surely did put a smile on my dad's face.
The scent is surely acceptable for a guy as well.
I used it twice but my dad seems to love using this lotion so I gave him to use.
Its not so oily and sticky and it easily absorbs.
Thank goodness my dad is using this lotion now, cause his last lotion surely smelled weird.
Cause my dad usually holds my cats, and me and my sisters will like to smuggle the cats and my cats smell like my dad's lotion.

Overall the YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit made use for my family as well.
I can't be greedy and use everything for myself right?
Good things should be shared. 

Thank you again Natta Cosme.

Till then peeps

22 November 2014

Skincare Set Clarissa


Name: Skincare Set Clarissa

Pencuci Muka Magic Clarissa-30ml 
Serum Muka Magic Clarissa-15ml 

Price: RM 139.00 (SEM) / RM 149.00 (SS) 

Usage Purpose: 
-Merawat jeragat dan jerawat
-Merawat bintik2 hitam
-Mengecilkan liang pori
-Mencerahkan kulit tanpa kesan sampingan
-Mengurangkan lingkaran gelap bawah mata
-Mengurangkan kedutan
-Melambatkan pembentukan garis-garis halus di muka
-Merawat luka jerawat
-Memudarkan parut
-Mencegah kesan buruk SInar UV 
-Menglowingkan kulit muka
-Anti penuaan dan anti kedutan
-Wajah lebih segar berseri
-Memulihkan kulit rosak berparut dan kusam

Avaibility: Hubungi / sms /WhatsApp 019-772 7572 / 013-715 7572

Skincare Set Clarissa
Dua produk dalam satu HARGA

Kombinasi sempurna untuk penjagaan kulit 

Jenis Kulit Yang Disyorkan:
Kulit Kering,Berminyak dan sensitif

Kandungan Produk:Dua stemcell iaitu Apple stemcell dan anggur stemcell, Vitamin C,Butylene Glycol,Cocos Nucifera,Glycerin Stearate,Seed dan Root Extract,Chammomile,Caffeine,Sodium Laureth-sulfate.

Kelulusan:KKM (Still in approval process)

Cara Guna:
1.Cuci Muka guna Face Wash Clarissa
2.Lap muka dengan kain bersih
3.Sapu sedikit sahaja serum pada muka.
4.Selepas sapu serum,boleh pakai krim siang/malam atau makeup base seperti biasa

Hubungi STOKIST SAH anda
Instagram : naddyshaira
Agen dan dropship seluruh negara diperlukan dengan modal terendah!:)

P/s: This post is Sponsored

21 November 2014

L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown Contest

Glitter Text

Trust me! 
Cause you sure don't wanna miss out on this

with L'Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris is giving away amazing daily and weekly prizes over the next 10 weeks to reward their highest spenders!
Who knows you might be bringing home a brand new luxury car with you.

Glitter Text


1. Spend over RM20 on L'Oréal Paris products
2. Upload a photo of your receipt
3. Answer the question given
4. Shop more to increase your chances of winning

1st Nov - 31st Dec

The prizes are just stunning!
So if your thinking of buying your products at the end of the year
Its better if you start purchasing it earlier.
You'll never know how lucky you could get this Christmas

Just imagine bringing one of these babies home

And I of course I would be asking Mr Santa Claus to give me a car for Christmas
But the North Pole Express don't send delivery that weights over a tan.
So I'll just hope that Santa could deliver me a lucky coin instead.


Just kidding!

Btw are you wondering why I'm so excited?
I'm actually L'Oreal Paris fan and it is currently my favourite brand on the top of the list.
Just look below
This is only half of my L'Oreal babies not including my travel kit products and the ones at my mother's home. I've been a fan of L'Oreal about 2 years now.
This brand does suite me well.

So after so long trusting this brand of course I want to expand my collection.
Especially on make up which I have dreamed of for such a long time.
If only I could get my hands on all of these

I'll be like the most wanted girl of the planet if I managed to get hold of this.
Cause it's a girl's dream right?
No girl would ever say that they have too much makeup.

So for those of you who call yourself a L'Oreal fan you wouldn't miss this opportunity right?
Shopping your favourite brand and receiving something back does not come everyday.
I know I wouldn't miss it.
Just wishing I'm getting lucky this Christmas.

For more information:

Till then peeps. Happy shopping then.

16 November 2014

Kracie X Kawai Party With The Butterfly Project

Happy Sunday dearies!
So it has been a while, I'm so sorry for postponing everything.
Has been a really busy couple of weeks for me.
But still I couldn't miss out on a butterfly gathering cause it sure has been a while meeting lovely butterflies.
So last 2 weeks I was invited for The Kawai Party with Kracie and The Butterfly Project.

You must be wondering what is it right?
Kracie to you my friends is the name of a Japanese brand which focuses on toileteries and cosmetic products.
Kracie is just entering the Malaysian market and us butterflies were lucky enough to among the first people to get to know about their products.

And this handsome man here is one of the important people for Kracie.
And he is super cute when he introduced to us about Kracie's product.

They were introducing to us their famous shampoo range which is very familiar with the Japanese.
And they really have quite a lot of hair range to introduce, plus their main ingredient is rice.

They also showed us a demo on what their products could do.
Really did make the frizzy hair go away.

And this was the cutest part ever.
He even made me wanna try it out.

And yeahh after the short introduction with Kracie's product lunch was served.
All cute faces for that day cause everything was super cute.
The venue, the products, the Japanese people.

Of course a Butterfly Party won't be complete without our dear Mamasan which is superbly kawai on that day with green hair. Wink wink, boleh pinjam kan Tammy?

And there was also Nala, an expert in Makeup. Siapa nak cari makeup artist could go and find her.

And Ben Dan. Its been a really long time since I've seen her.
And of course each party must have a drama scene right?

Meet the Dr while her patient flips hair.
LOL.. Joking
Meet Dr Puteri and Fur Fur

And the beautiful siblings. LOL
Kak Innanie and Izzati XOXO
Cute kan?

And finally the famous man of the day.
I sat next to him during lunch and he is superbly humble and funny as well.
Even though he doesn't speak English, but his Chinese is awesome.
FurFur helped translated what he was saying while he was being interrogated by Dr Puteri. LOL
He even showed a picture of his daughter which was adorably cute.

So the party ended great.
It was more like a gathering actually cause everyone seemed to have not seen each other in a while.
But the fun part didn't stop there.

We all received a big bag of products from Kracie to try out.
They were really generous cause they gave up full products to try out.
What were they?

Rice as it's signature ingredient, sure made this shampoo heavenly smelled.
So since I had my own shampoo at my home in Shah Alam, I decided to put this range of shampoo at my parents home in Banting. Cause my my seemed interested in it as well so I just put all of it in the family's bathroom. What surprised me is that after 2 weeks there half a bottle is already gone. I asked my mum her opinion and she said that she loved it, her hair smooth and soft and she feels great. Not only did my mum used it, even my dad and my other siblings. So I also gave it a try and not to deny I loved the smell a lot and my hair felt great also.

When I got this I was more than happy.
I love face masks! Cause it gives me one reason to relax when I'm all stressed out.
And now I have a stock for the whole month well not so cause I have to share with my mum.
I never seen a face mask at Malaysia sell for a whole month before, usually they come in one packet at a time. I'm not sure but this is the first time I've seen mask in all one packet.

And this is my mothers favourite.
She puts in on every night now, I think I only had a chance to try it out once and it was good enough for me. I know this is suppose to help me control my eyebags but I just love face mask better.

So what do you think about Kracie's products?
Are you guys eager to get hands on it too?
Well Kracie's products could be found at all Aeon Wellness stores around Malaysia.

Till then peeps.
Have a nice weekend.