08 October 2014

My All Time Favourite Make Up Products #MiraLooks

(Pura-pura ayu je ni sebenarnya, hehe)

So hello peeps! How was you Eidul Adha?
Even though its a bit late I wish all of my readers a Happy Hari Raya Korban!

Okay, you guys must be here because your curious right?
I had some questions on my blog and social media, some even whatsapped me personally asking what make up do I wear. So since some of you are curious I said, heyy.. why not just blog about it. At least I could show you pictures right?
Well honestly I was doubting to either ever put up a post like this because I surely ain't at that level yet where beauty bloggers would share their favourite products which they do monthly okayyy.
Cause honestly I don't own so much make up and most of the make up I have is free.
Either its a sample, or a giveaway or I won it through contest or the most fav make up solution is ketuk my mum punya make up which I will hasut her to buy for herself but I end up pakai. 
hehehe.. *evil laugh*

Well there are a few that I bought for myself of course.
Why I am like this?

Note: Please skip this pharagraph below if you just want to know about the products.

Well, its kinda shameful to share but I would like to be honest to my readers.
Since I'm still a student, which of course is fully sponsored by my hardworking father, I really feel guilty if I use the money he gives me for my studies on something else rather than my studies.
Its not an easy thing earning money, I've tried it btw.
I'm not as spoiled as you think I am cause my allowance are just enough for my studies. And if I have extra money I would rather spend them on clothes that make up cause definitely make up is not a priority for me now. What do you expect from a student?
But the problem is I have an eye for make up. Dulu tak macam ni, seriously, tapi sejak day bergaul dengan beauty bloggers, pehhhhh... Terpengaruhnya tak payah cakaplah. Dulu masuk Watson atau Garnier just untuk beli pencuci muka and sabun je. But now...
Rambang mata woo with all the make up displays. Mesti nak jugak try tester, belek-belek macam serious nak beli je but lepas dah puas letak balik with a broken heart.
Well, once I start earning my own money of course I'll start purchasing make up, dalam kepala dah berangan satu almari penuh dengan make up. Aaaaaaaaa..... 
But for now I'll keep on trying other ways to earn these goodies. LOL

So shall we start?

The first thing is
Skinz Perfect White BB Cream

Why don't I use foundation? Cause I haven't managed to get hold on it. Haha..
Okay I got this by clicking a free sample on Facebook early this year.
I'm not used to Skinz products cause they are kinda pricey and totally way over my budget. So when I received this I thought this was really a sample. But when I went cuci mata defat Watson I found that this was actually the full size product which I remember worth RM60++. 
I was like WTF? Seriously they gave me the actual size just by clicking a free sample button on Facebook.
Anyways, I do have other BB Creams that I won but this is still my favourite of all. It really does the work and it doesn't make my skin shine when its oily. And another thing is I like the scent. It also blend perfectly well with my compact powder which ends making my skin look really smooth.
Since I love this so much I only wear this on certain occasions only. Nak jimat punya pasal.

For the eyes
Sephora's Tiramisu Eyeshadow
Smokey Lume NYX Pallete
Maybellines New Youk Eyeshadow
(Sorry but I don't know the correct names for these)

So where did I get these?
For the Smokey Pallete I won them during the Immortal Instruments competition
Also goes for the maybelline which I won from their Instagram competition
Only for the Sephora which I bought pre-loved from a beauty blogger.
And when I bought it, the cover was still there, it was brand new but she has used it once.
What happened with the cover?

Well I love this colour the most. Tiramisu N 86
This is the colour which I will go for if I don't have a themed make up.
Its like an everyday colour for me but I don't wear make up everyday.

And when swatted, its the first colour on my hand.
Tercalit banyak so colour dia tetiba jadi agak pekat pulak. Sorry..
But when placed at the eyes I so love the colour.
The other swatches are from the Smokey Pallete and from Maybellines
These are the ranges of my most favourite of all.
As you can see I love the kinda natural colour look which most of them are.

That's why I've been wanting to own a Naked 2 pallete for so long now but hold dulu cause masih tak afford.

Maybellines Hypersharp Liner
Loreal Paris Super Liner Gelmatic Pen

Eyeliners are the only product which I would never think twice to purchase.
Cause every girl owns this even if they are not the type that make up. I've used eyeliners since school and its a really important tool for the eye.
So of course I have loads of choices of eyeliners to choose from, but right now I am so addicted to these 2 types. And for sure you can see which one is the favourite of all.
I love this eyeliner because its easy to apply and to erase. The brush is thin and just perfect for me cause I really have shaky hands which causes me to apply eyeliner again and again.
The hyper sharp liner enables me to put eyeliner multiple times without making my eyeliner massive in the end.
For loreal's Gelmatic Pen I love the colour. Its blue is stunning and makes my eyes stand out more.

For the Lashes
Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara
Maybellines Hyper Curl

For the Big Eyes Mascara, it was given to me for review purposes.
And I won the Hypercurl from Maybelline's Instagram contest.
These two are my current favourite for lashes.
Why? The big eyes really does make my eyes look big which is a plus for me cause I hate wearing false lashes while the hyper curl really makes my lashes curl instantly. These mascara have brushes which is easy for me to apply.

Shizens Chocolate Brown Eyebrow Enhancer
Maybellines Eyebrow Liner

Honestly I would have never cared for shaping my eyebrows if it wasn't for these two products.
Now I'm just addicted getting my eyebrows done each time I go out.
The Shizens Eyebrow enhancer I got it by winning a voucher from Shizens. The price is RM99 which almost made me faint, but nasib baik I got it for free. 
And for Maybellines Eyebrow Liner I won it from Maybellines Instagram Contest.
I carry around the Shizens eyebrow everywhere sampai hilang dah tulisan dia. I totally love this product cause I finally get to shape my eyebrows nicely withput making it look strange.
The brush really does help a lot and the product is actually powder.
And for Maybelline's Eyebrow Liner I use it for touch up and shaping my brow they way I want it.
These 2 products really does work well together.

For the Lips

These 3 are my favourite from all the other products I have. Only these 3 are carried around everwhere I go. The Maybelline's Nude and Loreal Spring Rossete I won while Maybellines MAT 6 I recieved it as a present cause I have been wanting that colour for such a long time.
These 3 colours goes perfectly well for my occasions, I use Nude when going to class, Spring Rossete  if I wish to look simple and sweet while MAT 6 if I want to look more elegant and matured.

For the Cheeks
Loreal's Le Blush True Match
NYX Plush

Finally Blushers!
The only 2 products which I only wear for my cheeks. Both I won fron contest.
The NYX Plush I usually use if I want my make up to stand out more and get me more obvious red cheeks while for the le blush is like my daily routine blush.
The Le Blush includes with its own small brush which I find it convinient to carry around, plus the colour is more natural. The only reason why I use blushers everyday now cause my friends keep saying I look pale if I just have on compact powder. Anyways, the le blush smells like candy. That's why I love wearing it.

So there you have it peeps.
These are the makeup products which I usually use every time.
But of course I have more makeups in my wish list, but for now I am pretty satisfied enough with all therse.
Hope this post helped for thoese who were curious.

Till then peeps.


  1. Loreal eyeliner tu mcm best!!great favourites!!

    1. Memang besat kak, colour dia the bomb

  2. wahhh! nice collection you have mira ;)

    1. Heeeee... malunya kitaaaa... Collection mira kecik je pika. Pika punya lagi awesome kot

  3. Wahh bestt nye! Hahaha... Hasut mak beli... Lolzz... Suka tgok banyak2 koleksi nih hehehe.... Tu yg ske g watson or mana2 farmasi huhu

    1. Hehe... Sementara masih boleh membodek emak.

  4. okay amira terima kasih wahai amira yang cun !!!!! actually, lipstick loreal yg spring rosette tu memang lawa color dia !

    1. Hahaha... Onie sekarang pun cun jugaa... Lipstick tu fav gila, nampak mcm sweet je bila pakai. haha

  5. Mira kemaruk apa sampai Guardian jadi Garnier ni? "Dulu masuk Watson atau Garnier just untuk beli pencuci muka and sabun je". I gelak guling2 okay baca XDD k jangan marah :p

    that maybelline eyeshadow tu Hyper Cosmos, I have the same shade beli masa dia baru keluar dulu, suka gilaaa ^_^ and i'm also very much in love with that Loreal matte lipstick yang Spring Rosette. terasa macam kembar pulak :p

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... I'm the type yang suka type laju2 then cause typo, plus mac punya auto correction mcm haremmm... Suka2 hati2 je tukar words automatically bila tekan space. So kadang2 mmg tak perasan. Thank you babe sebab mention

      And maybelline eyeshadow tu I ada tengok banyak kali dekat kedai but never nak ambik tahu nama. HAHA... Kalau kita kembar best jugak, combine collection make up heaven gila

  6. Untunglah Mira dah rajin make-up sekarang

    Dah la lovey-dovey
    Singgah entry saya gak ye. TQ

    1. Kenalah cantik Rawlins, if not tak ada orang nak nanti. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. I love your taste! it looks cheeky and suit you well sayang :)

  8. selamat hari raya mira yg makin cantik ni.. ^_^

    1. Selamat Hari raya Kak Zu, lama betul akak menyepi. Bila nak jumpa lagi ni??

  9. Well..we're same after all...I'm still a student too and my pocket money source was also from my dad..I nak guna terlampau banyak untuk barang2 makeup & apparels yg I suka pun rasa bersalah sebab parents susah2 kerja nak tanggung studies kita..so that's why I also work to have my own pocket money untuk barang2 kesukaan..and sometimes I can be too broken too sampai RM10 je ada dalam purse..lol BTW...U ada collection yang menarik Mira, janganlah segan..I actually suka lipstick2 yg u ada n semualah! =)

    1. Awwww.. I know right, perasaan bila tinggal RM10 dalam wallet tu tapi bila tengok make up masih terluir. Its better for us to learn and earn our own money, baru akan betul2 hargai barang tu. I don't fancy much parents yang suka give everything a child once, boleh buat brain damage actually. LOL
      Thanks for the support anyways babe <3

  10. awak tak pakai pape pun dah cantik.. bila pakai make up 10 x cantik.. pengsan!!

    1. Haha... I rasa patut buat before and after la. Seriously I selekeh gila if tak touch up. You lagi cantik Izzati Ghafur

  11. Loving your favourites! And agree, tak pakai apa apa pun cantik hehe and you look really pretty in the picture <3

  12. foundation tu match dgn kembar! lawaa :D


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